MURDER Rhetorically speaking

Police Report

On June 6, 2016 I arrived at the parking garage on Main Street of Greenville, SC at about 10:50, 5 minutes after deputies responded to a 9-1-1 dispatcher call at 10:37 informing officials about a dead body on the first deck. I was the first to arrive at the scene after deputies. The deceased is identified as Mark Smith of 2300 North Augusta Street. It is clear, after the discovery of the multiple stab wounds to the back side of the body, this investigation is so deemed a homicide. My partner arrives shortly thereafter, and we go down tot he parking garage tenant around the corner of deck 1 to see if he had seen or heard anything. George Jones (tenant) states, "I remember checking the lot security cameras at around 10:20 and nothing seemed to be unusual. That's when I took a little break and did what I always do, put in my headphones and listened to some music."


In my post-mortem findings, the victim is caucasian male, 6'1", early forties, and 200 pounds. With multiple stab wounds to the posterior side, I can conclude that the final blow ruptured the spleen, making internal bleeding the cause of death. Defensive wounds were found on the hands and arms that indicate signs of struggle, and with the amount of internal bleeding, there was no way for the victim to survive even with surgery. The blood alcohol level of the victim appeared to be normal, with also a full stomach assumingely possible that he had just eaten dinner.


Who knew this day would be the time God decided to take you away from me? I definitely did not, and I would give anything to go back and skip this day so it wouldn't happen at all. Even if we could go back and freeze time, the five years we have been best friends has not been enough time. It was me and you against the world, Mark. we had so many adventures left to take, and so I guess this just makes me especially thankful for the ones we got to share already. I will forever miss your kindness, humor, and that smile of yours, because it lights up this world. Your compassion for others, your selflessness, and your love for the Lord will not be forgotten. I have no idea how I am going to do this life without you, but while I am doing it, I hope to be at least half the person you were. Today sure is darker without you here, but I know you're up there making me proud and watching over me. Rest in Peace Mark Smith, I love you. Forever and always.

Trial Part XVI

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...Mark Smith of Greenville South Carolina was stabbed 6 times to the back and left there to die, on a cold parking garage floor on the night of June 6. The man standing trial today for this heinous crime, stands in front of you to claim his innocence. Between the security footage that places him in that garage 10 minutes prior to the murder, and a bank statement that proves he had eaten dinner downtown 30 minutes prior to that, only to add that he had parked his car in the same garage, I want you to ask yourselves... This father of one (soon to be two), husband, son, and brother was taken away far too early on in life. What if it had been you receiving that gut wrenching phone call? What would you want for your family, or friend? So as you go into that room to lock in your vote, I want you to think of that, and how you would feel if every piece of evidence pointed toward the defendant and he got off. What would you feel?

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