Desert By Steven meyn and Brady gutierres

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world, while the Sahara in Africa is the largest of the hot deserts close to Santa Barbara, such as the Mojave In North America there are four major hot, dry deserts including the Mohave and the Great Basin.

the Colorado desert which encompass parts of Southern California
Roadrunners hunt snakes they can strike faster than a snake killing it.
Rain in the desert doesn't come that often and that's why it's hot and dry.
The spines on a cactus help to protect it from humans and animals. Its roots are spread out to collect water when it does rain and it stores water in its body for future use
People can adapted to living in the desert but most of the times they travel to get to other places.
Created By
Steven Meyn


Created with images by Pexels - "adventure barren dawn"

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