My artwork Kelly Wu

In the beginning of the semester, I was really struggling with Photoshop, but as I made more and more products, I eventually got the hang of it.

Through this product, I learned how to match colors in according with the background. I learned that color is important and that if the colors match, then the outcome can be a beautiful one.
Through this product, I learned that details are very important when it comes to art. By coloring in the comic book myself, I realized that there is a purpose for every single detail. In order to color in each character, I had to be very specific and be detailed, so that I would not mess up.

I learned the most about Photoshop on this surrealism project. This project proved to be the most difficult photoshop project for me because there had to be a lot of elements. I constantly struggled and was unable to decide what I wanted to incorporate into my project. In the end, I decided on one idea and stuck with it all the way through.

Before vs. After

Through photo restoration, I was able to make a very old crinkled photo, into a new non-crinkled photo. I was able to change the photo back to the way that it should have been without all the flaws.

Faux Painting

  • We chose a picture and photoshopped it so that it would look more like a painting than a picture.
  • In this piece, I learned how to use different brushes to make a "painting".
  • The different brushes that I used allowed me to add a type of texture to, so that the "painting" would look more realistic.

Then we changed from Photoshop to Illustrator, and I really enjoyed Illustrator. To me, Illustrator was easier to use and understand than Photoshop.

This was an intro into using Illustrator. We practiced how to draw different shapes and use the pen tool to make the specific type of shape that we wanted.
This was also an intro into Illustrator. Instead of practicing shapes, this time we practiced how to make letters, so that it looks connected and not all choppy.
Through this product, I learned how to layer in Illustrator. I learned how to use the different tools in Illustrator in order to draw a cartoon character. I also learned that the smooth tool is actually a very useful tool when it comes to the overall product. Sometimes my lines would look very uneven and awkward, but the smooth tool helped me make the image improve, but it was not a huge tool that I used for every case.
This product seemed to be the largest challenge for me by using Illustrator. Despite the fact that this seems to be simple, I thought that this was the most difficult because of all the overlapping lines. For example, his mouth has a line connecting to the snout portion and that was hard because I had to layer it properly and make it look as it the lines all connect. I was really proud of the outcome of this product.

In the end, my favorite type of project was choosing a photo and making it look like a painting. I liked all of my projects for that specific assignment.


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