Käthe Swaback AWAY from HOME

My art explores the layers. With acrylic paints, mediums, collage, graphite, and water I wrestle with both the abstract and the figurative. Buried treasures that celebrate the questions of youth with whom I have worked over the past 25 years. Stories reconsidered and retold. The tremendous pull of gravity is matched with struggle, tenacity, and new life that is even stronger. Nourished by the water that cleanses, destroys, and then creates again. Layer upon layer it clothes itself while further revealing its essence. Speaking in muffled whispers, it gestures towards the plumb line with the vision of life complicated, full, and fragile.

La Opción, Mixed Media, 24"x48", 2017
Bees Knees, Mixed Media, 18"x24", 2017
Complex Textured Reality, Mixed Media, 18"x24", 2016
Audacious Hope, Mixed Media, 14"x18", 2016
Ebb and Flow, Acrylic and Graphite, 20"x30", 2016
Music From Home, 16"x20", 2017
Yes, Mixed Media, 8"x10", 2016
Whisper of Twilight, Acrylic, 8"x8", 2016
Looking Out, Mixed Media, 24"x24", 2015
Alambre, Painted Woodcut, Mixed Media, 16"x20", 2015
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Kathe Swaback

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