A degree on the flee The ultimate college and travel experience.


This is a organization for an adventurous, lively, extreme college experience. The name of this organization is " Degree on the Flee ". ( or for short DOTF ) We offer an affordable and exciting way to get your college degree. This organization is a group of the participating school that offer students who love travel and adventure to experience college in a completely new way. The benefits of attending our school go on and on. We are set up like a boarding school in a more traveling way, we stay at each participating school for 1 month, when you apply you will give us a list of the participating school you want to visit and you will be put in the district with other students who want to visit the same schools as you. WE HAVE SPORTS! At DOTF we offer many sports, we play the teams of the college we are visiting and teams around the local area. Depending on what sport you are playing you will be placed in the district that best fits for the sport. You can apply for many scholarships and grants. At our program unlike students at any other school all your credits are transformable. Also in the 8 month program if you find any school that you really love you can leave our program and take all the money you gave us to attend to the school of your desire.

We have many clubs you can join like; sorority's and fraternity's

Friends for life

A comfortable place to be your self.

With great opportunities and even better conclusions

Get your work out on with the bro's

In the end we all have one goal in mind.


Here at DOTH we have a somewhat of competitive admission. To apply you will need a minimum 3.0 GPA and a minimum 1150 on the SAT. Tuition is 30,000 a year this includes your food packages and room and boarding. Applying at DOTH is free all year round.


Here at DOTH we also have sports, unfortunately if you join a sports team you cant choose what colleges you would want to visit. You will be put on the team if you meet the coaches needs for the sport you decide to play. Our athletic director will be in charge of scheduling what schools you will be visiting and playing.

Our goal

We have goals for our organization and our students. We hope to give students more motivation to go to college and further there education and be help to the community. At DOTH we want to be a reason why students have motivation. We also care about our students goals, here at DOTH we will always try our best to help a student reach there goals. Our policy that we place all of our rules under are " students are our future ".

Be the reason why and apply today.

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Chase Arnett

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