8 Not So Random Thoughts on AI by tom meredith and kay firth-butterfield

Co-founder of MFI Capital, Tom Meredith recently gave a talk to faculty and students titled, “Not So Random Thoughts on AI Ethics,” joined by Co-Founder of AI Austin, Kay Firth-Butterfield. Below are eight ways they predict artificial intelligence will alter the way we live, learn and work.

No. 1

Artificial Intelligence growth will happen 3,000 times faster than the industrial revolution.

No. 2

Education won’t necessarily be formal education; it will be trade education.

No. 3

Forget learning foreign language and learn programming languages.

No. 4

AI will lead to 30 percent unemployment rate.

No. 5

52 percent of jobs will disappear, it's your job to create new ones.

No. 6

Privacy issues are our concern for the future.

No. 7

You should all have Bitcoin, or something similar. Crypto-currencies are one of the ways business will be done in the future.

No. 8

How do we make future jobs? Do what you know best... and run with it.


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