The Boston Tea Party of 1773 By brady blay

This is my political cartoon that was based on the Boston tea party. What is in my cartoon is that there is King George 111 screaming because he is really mad at the people for dumping all of the tea into the ocean.

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was on the night of December 16, 1773, Samuel Adams and the sons of liberty boarded three ship in the harbor of Boston that night. They had a plan to the prow a lot of tea into the sea and show that they did not like the new taxes that the king had made on so they wanted to do something so they threw 342 chest of tea overboard the three ships and they surely made clear that they wanted to be recognized. But they dressed up as Native Americans to try to pass the natives as who did it. That's the Boston tea party

The poerty elements I used where captions on King George 111 and also there was some where the king was needing a lot of stuff and a lot of money from taxes. Another element is I used symbolism if you didn't see that I hid and broken olive branch, and fire showing that he is mad and with the olive branch he is regretful. The last element is exaggeration that the British love the tea so much that they are willing to drink the tea out of the ocean because of how much tea was wasted and so that is the exaggeration of the British. And that's the poetry elements I used in my political comic.

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