my ideal career beauty therapist

what the job entails

Working in a beauty therapist job, you’ll be responsible for looking after your clients. If you’re based in a salon you’ll also be expected to meet new people and answer the phone and take bookings. Beauty therapists are sometimes also responsible for promoting and selling beauty products.

3 positives and negatives in this career are

3 positive are:

you get to meet new people like the customer and work on new styles.
You earn good money which is good because if you have a family you will be able to provide for them.
You get work satisfaction when you customers praise your work

3 Negatives are:

You can’t always give people what they want you might not be able.
always busy with doing peoples make up and doing bookings.
Not enough time for family or friends

How long do you work and how much do you earn?

Get paid £15,000 to £20,000 average per year. And do up to 37 to 40 hours a week.

Places I might be able to do this

• In a beautions

• On Avon or mac

• Debenhams

2 Examples of successful people in this career are.

Lou Teasdale: one directions make up artist she also went on tour with them.
Mario Dedivanovic does kim kardasion

Places I might go to study this

Southern regional college
The Academy Hair & Beauty Training School
1 suggested career that you might be interested in: Special needs nursery

what the job entails

Child-minders usually work in their own home. If you want to be a childminder and look after children under the age of 8.Most employers prefer employees to be at least 17 before working with children. But if you are 16 and have a real interest in working in this sector you can start by doing an introductory course at school.

positives in working with people with special needs:

you get to help people.

you get good money.

you make new friends.

negatives in working with people with special needs:

The person could have anger issues and could be abusive e.g. hitting, biting, nipping and screaming.

Low Self-Esteem: the person upset all the time and communicate.
trust issues: the person could have trust issues and not want to interact.

How long do you work and how much do you earn?

Starter: £14,000 to £17,000

Experienced: £17,000 to £22,000 (room leader)

Highly Experienced: up to £24,000 (deputy manager)

you work from 9am to 5pm

Places I might be able to do this




places I might go to study this

The Open University

Queen's University Belfast


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