Great Sand Dunes By: Hunter & Ossiel

The Great Sand Dunes are located in the south-western area of Colorado.

One specific person cannot be credited as the founder of the Dunes as there have been humans living in the area dating back to 11,000 years ago. The earliest known inhabitants of the dunes were Nomadic hunters living in the stone age.

There has been practically little development done at all to the Great sand dunes besides the small settlements made by different Indian tribes over the centuries. In 2004 the land was established as a National Park and nature preserve so that the area would remain protected.

The park receives funding from the thousands of visitors that visit the park each year and also from donations that come in from all over the country.

The Great Dunes are located in the south western area of Colorado covering an area of over 30 square miles with its highest dune reaching 750 feet high. The park is a thriving tourist attraction with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The land was declared a national park in the early 1900's and was declared a nature reserve in 2004. The dunes began to form over 450,000 years ago from the sand of nearby rivers and streams and it will continue to grow indefinitely.

The park covers over 33 square miles.

Temperatures in the dunes are not the likes of other dessert landscapes with temperatures maxing at 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and moderate to cool in spring and fall. Although percipitaion is usually pretty low the dunes normally recieve snow in the winter.

Great Sand Dunes is continually evolving occur each year. The San Juan Mountains were created through extended and dramatic volcanic activity With these two mountain ranges in place, the San Luis Valley was born, covering an area roughly the size of the state of Connecticut.

Various types of reptiles, birds, and fish.

It correlated with halomorphic .where vegetation composition and production is closely linked to soil characteristics sand dunes contain blowout grass.

Human impact- In the 1920s, gold was found in the Great Sand Dunes. Active gold mining in the sand, and sand extraction for cement, production began to occur.

Great Sand Dunes National Monument was established in 1932 by Herbert Hoover, in response to a local citizen's' effort spearheaded by the Ladies' PEO chapters in the San Luis Valley. contains the tallest dunes in North America and one of the most fragile and complex dune systems in the world -protects a globally significant, water- and wind-driven system, which includes creeks that demonstrate surge flow, a rare hydrologic phenomenon -provides special opportunities for recreation, exploration, and education in the highly resilient dune mass and adjoining creek environments.


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