The Blue Man Group by:Michael Wells

It is Monday the 22 2014 it is are 2nd full day in Las Vegas we are staying at the Monte Carlo and it is the neats and most expensive hotel i have ever stayed at anywhere in my life. When we got here on saturday the 20th we planned to get a Limo but my parents said no we decided not to but when we were getting our bags off the converter we turned around and there was a Man with a sign that read Michael W I said that's me than my Grandpa, Aunt, Mom, Dad, Brother came over to us. Once we got to the Limo there was a Black Rolls Royce next to us and in it was Tim Mcgraw’s.
He got out we got some pictures with him than some with the car than he went to catch his flight. We got more pictures and got into the Limo we drove all the way to the Monte Carlo once we got there we looked around everything was Marble
and big we could barely hear the casino and once we got checked in and got our room cards we went up to the rooms the rooms were Me and my Dad, My Brother and my Mom, Grandpa, aunt that's how the rooms were except we were all on different floors me and my dad were on the top floor My grandpa was on the second floor so this way he could get to the casino faster and to his room faster my aunt was on the last floor far West wing me and my dad were far North wing.
We eventually got settled and went to the Food court for a late night diner we all had subway except for my grandpa he just got a coffee than we went back upstairs to go to bed. The next morning because here in Wisconsin it was 11:00 in the morning in vegas it was 8:00 in the morning when we were all dressed and ready to go we went to meet up in the front of the Monte Carlo for breakfast then we went to a fancy restaurant i cant rember what it was called but it was by Treasure Island
were my parents said they had a surprise for us after breakfast we went over to Treasure Island then we went all the way to the back i thought we rented a couple Lamborghinis or Ferraris but when we got to the back it was a tour of vegas which there were only a few people but my parents said it will be fun. The first place we stopped at was Tanked and when we took a tour there we meet Brett Raymer we got some pictures
than we went to Pawn Stars were we meet Chumlee got pictures and went back to the monte carlo and saw the Blue Man Group we arrived early so we went backstage and meet them it was cool although I have never heard of them so I was kind of Stokted for it we went to the store to buy stuff.
It turned 3:30 where they started letting people in although the show didn't start till 4:00 so we went in and we were just on our phones than it started getting packed. We were on floor 2 row D seat 1-6 ounce the show started it was packed they dimmed the lights for the show to start they came out in a weird way it looked kinda cool so we clapped well not just us everyone did they went away then appeared with snare drums they started to play we could hear but just barely see them then out of there chest comes neon Red, Blue, Yellow and we could see them very well


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