Dogs vs. Toddlers Candace collier, 5th, 3/22/17

Name of the article: Dogs, toddler show similarities in social skills.

Author: Alexis Blue.


Date Published: February 27, 2017

Summery- Scientists from The Arizona Canine Cognition Center found that children who are two years old show very similar social skills of a dog. These dogs and children were run through a series of test showing their types of cognition. Toddlers and Dog express their feelings towards others in the same way, like a constant want for attention or winning when you miss someone.


Cognition- (noun) the act or process of knowing.

Bonobo- (noun) a pygmy chimpanzee.

My opinion- The article was very entertaining. I find it to be ironic in a sense because many people who have toddlers and dogs probably have noticed a similarity in this behavior but never thought much of it. I do like how they compared their data collected to chimpanzees.


Alexis Blue. "Dogs, Toddlers Show Similarities in Social Intelligence." - News and Articles on Science and Technology., 27 Feb. 2017. Web. 27 Feb. 2017.

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