National Volleyball Day September 23

National Volleyball Day is a day where anyone no matter what age they are can come play volleyball and learn how to play. This day will occur on September 23 every year since it will still be sort of warm outside. You can play volleyball in the pool and almost anywhere. These people are playing in the pool for fun but others play to win like for a professional career.

On this day, whoever decides to go to the huge tournament after the fun part of the day gets free t-shirts and gets free concessions the whole time plus a sports pass for any other game. These people are playing locally I'm assuming at a high school. The girls get very competitive when it comes to winning to show whoever that they can do it.

This is an actual volleyball game in a high school. These young girls play to win and they get trophies and they wear uniforms. When they play they have to be on their A game because they all wanna win against the other team/teams

This is what people call a beach volleyball game which according to people who have played it say that it's quite interesting to play and watch. Lots of times they have mud volleyball games which can get super messy obviously cause your playing in mud. Girls aren't the only ones who can play this sport for both fun and competition.

This a fun game of mud volleyball and they sometimes have it at fairs or local festivals. The main point of the game is to get down and dirty. Sometimes people want to make it a lot more competitive than it needs to be. When they play they make it extra muddy so people will fall and get dirty cause it's funnier that way. It's mostly a group of teenagers and adults but they all go head to head with each other. Everyone normally is very energetic about it but when you start playin you get tired real fast especially if it's hot outside.

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