Jorge And noah

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Jorge, Jorge had something quite peculiar about him. He was born to be a hero, follow his fathers legacy, and conjure the world! But something didn't allow him to do so, this something was a curse given to him by a witch.
The witch was known by the family for years cursing his family. The witches curse was terrible. Jorge was cursed without the ability to hear.
He begun to develop the ability to rely on the sense of touch to fight. He trained for 20 years to fight the battle that his father never made it through.
He set off on his journey at last, he was on his way to him, he was more than prepared to fight him and defeat him the complete his fathers legacy. He knew in the back of his head that his father was watching and he would be so proud of him and what he has done.
Along the way of his journey he encountered a few enemies and defeated them. As he defeated them he gained new powers and increased strength.
He fought non-stop, the journey there was not easy, it was heavily guarded by creatures. There was never rest time for him, he was always fighting but that didn't bother him because it was to be expected on this kind of journey.
After 2 years he finally got to his castle. Beyond this point, it was do or die.
He fought and defeated the prince and he headed home to tell his father the good news, he knew he would be proud of him.
As he was returning home he was faced by minor enemies, nothing he can't handle.
Once he got home he had a nice talk with his dad and completed his legacy and he lived his life a happy man.

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