Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History by vishal jhagru

Nature on Display: One exhibit that I found to be pretty interesting was the Marine Science exhibit. It is designed in such a way that it makes you feel like you are underwater with a variety of sea life everywhere around you. It made me understand that the natural world still has its fair share of mysteries and that we haven't discovered all there is to be discovered in the depths of the ocean.

Nature and Ethics: My experience with the museum was very fantastic. The butterfly rain forest was especially breathtaking. I think that viewing the butterfly exhibit made me feel more of a part of a community as I shared my experiences with other people. It was pretty amazing to see both the elderly and little children stare in amazement at the breathtaking views of butterflies and nature as a whole. I definitely think that my experience has instilled ideas of love and respect for nature, as Leopold said.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Museum of Natural History helps us to step out of our ordinary lives by allowing us to view nature and other ancient relics of the past. It allows us to get a look at ancient civilizations and the culture they were a part of. It can help us understand better who we are by comparing and contrasting ourselves to other ancient civilizations: identifying what similarities and things in common we have with them, and also what things differ. It helps us understand the fact that there are many more mysteries of nature by giving us information about things we might not have even known about before.


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