Call Her Daddy Breakdown By samantha bush

Now, I don’t want to speak for all of you but I don’t know shit about sports. I love to go to a Super Bowl party, only for the dips. Recently, I watched The Last Dance and the Chicago Bulls were apparently a dynasty. Who knew?! I literally was watching it as if it was an original screenplay. Anyways, you get the point. So, when all of this drama with the raunchy sex and relationship podcast Call Her Daddy and Bartsool Sports started showing up in my timeline, it peaked my interest. So let’s break all this down.

By Samantha Bush aka @bravohistorian



FOUNDER and Stool Presidente of Barstool Sports


Host of Call Her Daddy and bad ass bitch


Co-Host of Call Her Daddy


Also known as Suitman and boyfriend of Sofia Franklyn



Alex starts Call Her Daddy around the Fall of 2018 and brings Sofia along as her co-host. Dave Portnoy reached out to Alex via DM and told her he was interested in bringing the podcast to the Barstool Sports empire. Alex had said in her Youtube video that when he reached out to her, she went to Barstool alone and had about 6-8 meetings with him to discuss the podcast and where she saw it going etc. Dave Portnoy said he didn't really know who Sofia was at the time, he knew Alex was the main link to Call Her Daddy.


  • It was 3 year contract that gave Sofia and Alex 75k the first year, 85k the second and 100k the third year.
  • Barstool own the IP to Call Her Daddy which essentially the entire brand and podcast name. A very crucial part of the contract.
  • They also had bonuses for downloads, merch etc.
  • And at the end of each year were able to negotiate compensation.
  • But just 3 months into the first year they both got raises because the podcast had been doing well.


A little while after the first raise, Dave and Erika (the CEO of Barstool) called Alex and gave her a raise (again) but not Sofia. Alex did all the editing, marketing and promoting of Call Her Daddy, so it is well deserved. She said in her Youtube video that she chose not to bring it up to because Sofia made her uncomfortable about the fact it was public knowledge that Alex did most of the work (if not, all of it). Alex said that it took her anywhere from 7-20 hours to edit one podcast, so she essentially was taking on a second job.


Coming to the end of the first year they BLEW UP. Alex and Sofia were making more than what their contract stated they would make in their second year. Peter Nelson, the executive Vice President of HBO Sports and boyfriend of Sofia, would tell the girls they were making “way below industry standard”. So of course they were like wait what the fuck is "industry standard?" and this wasn't the first time they heard something like that. There was whisperings going around they were being “exploited” by Barstool and getting underpaid considering how successful the show was. Alex and Sofia via their lawyer sent an email to Dave stating they were not represented properly by Barstool and want to renogiate their contract. Which kind of blindsided Dave. He responded to the email basically saying "ok buckle up, let's fucking go". So, Suitman put together a term sheet to send to Barstool to renegotiate the contract.


  • 1 million guaranteed for each
  • Independent contractors/Freelancers
  • 50% of everything (merch, ads, alcohol)
  • Own the IP


Dave essentially told them to go fuck themselves, this obviously pissed him off because that term sheet is insane. He said on the podcast last week, "they went from unknown talent that we took a risk on, to each making close to half a million dollars a year. Pretty fuckin' good money for the first year”. All negotiations stopped.


At this point, they are 4-5 months into the second year of their contract. They continue to do the podcast but slowly start not communicating with Barstool. Suitman began shopping the podcast around to industry peole and reassuring Sofia and Alex “I'm going to get you girls the deal you deserve”, “it’s gonna be great”.

Mean while Dave was hearing rumblings that the girls were out shopping their podcast and was like “what company would sign somebody if the second they get big, they’re just gonna walk out the door”. Barstool decided to come back to negotiations and said "ok we will give you back Call Her Daddy, give you new contracts but we have the rights to alcohol. But the merch, feed, IP everything is theirs". He also went on to say that “if they just would fulfill their contract millions of dollars are just waiting for them”. He didn’t hear anything back from their lawyers or them personally. So, he then sent Alex a text saying “he had never dealt with anybody as unprofessional and disloyal and greedy than those two”.


*Now, something I want everyone to keep in mind, this is at the start of COVID-19*

Call Her Daddy got an offer from the podcast powerhouse Wondery (Dave refers to them as Scumbags) and the podcast was going to be called The Fathers. So Alex reached out to Dave asking if her and Sofia could come over to his rooftop to talk about everything. Alex said she found out after fact that the two went to the rooftop meeting with two very different ideas of what the meeting meant. Sofia said she went into meeting as more of a courtesy to Dave, whereas Alex went in with the hopes Dave would negotiate and give them a good deal. The three of them started talking about how they had been shopping the podcast around and Sofia was more combative with Dave than Alex was. Dave then presented the deal.

  • Half a million guarantee for each of them
  • Increase in Merch percentage
  • Bonuses
  • Cut the contract short to only one more year
  • IP to Call Her Daddy

Dave thought they would agree to the deal right there on the rooftop because how could they possibly pass that up. He went on to say that if we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic than that deal probably would’ve never happened because of course, at the end of the day it’s business and you have to have revenue coming in. All he really wanted was for Call Her Daddy to come back on the air and get this shit moving. Whatever his reasoning was, it was a fucking five star deal.


In her Youtube video, Alex said the moment they left the rooftop is when the real problem began. Her and Sofia had two completely different ideas on where to take Call Her Daddy and what that meeting really meant. Alex was basically ready to shake Dave's hand and be like you got a fucking deal, but Sofia wasn't impressed and nothing changed for her which blew Alex's mind. HE JUST OFFERED YOU THE FUCKING IP TO CALL HER DADDY. Aaaaand then a very quiet, awkward walk followed. And if you have ever gotten into a fight with your best friend where you two literally don't agree then you KNOW the tension I'm talking about but this time just add half a million dollars and a successful career on top of that.


Dave doesn’t hear from them for days after he offers them the deal of a fucking lifetime.

ALEX POV: she wanted Call Her Daddy to remain a duo and she wanted them both to stay at Barstool and continue to grow the Daddy Gang with Sofia. 50/50.

During this time, because Alex wanted Sofia to come along with her she started to appease Sofia and her list of demands IF Sofia decides to come to Barstool. In her Youtube video Alex says, “I am going to stand behind my partner and ask for a few of her things”. So on the phone with lawyers, Sofia would present this list of asks and Alex would make it clear she was good with the deal but she wants Sofia to be happy as well.


Dave on his podcast said "it was like the moving of the goal post", meaning every time Sofia would ask for something, Barstool would agree, then it was another thing and another thing. It got to the point that Alex was like what the fuck is going on, this is getting ridiculous and asked to see a list of all of Sofia's demands. And it became clear the two were not on the same page.


The two agree to get on a call and you know when you have a long heated conversation with someone and you leave it going "wait what was said, what just happened", THANKFULLY Alex doesn't have to wonder that because she is a queen and took notes. Bless her. She knew we need this. Sofia is upset because Alex was not letting her get away with all these ridiculous demands. Alex is trying to convince her why they should stay and Sofia is trying to convince her why they should leave.

At one point in the call Sofia said “the IP the most important thing but it is not as important to me as it is to you Alex. I get you think the IP is the end all be all but I feel differently about that”.

Clearly they valued the brand very differently. Alex started seeing more and more red flags, and it hit her, Sofia is trying sabotage the deal. Towards the end of the call Sofia said “you know if I'm going to take this deal, what happens to the IP if one of us wants to leave and gets fired, what happens to the IP?”... I am sorry, WHAT. WHO EVEN ASKS THAT?! A lightbulb goes off with Alex and she says to Sofia "are you negotiating in bad faith to take this deal, try to get fired and leave me to do all the work, to then in 12 months take the brand?" Obviously, Sofia got defensive and they ended the call.


Coincidentally, two days after the phone call, the New York Post dropped an article that went into details and their leaked original Barstool contract. Five people have that contract. Alex, Sofia, Barstool, their lawyer…and Suitman. It really painted Barstool in a bad light, because it looked like wow they are really underpaying an incredibly successful podcast, run by two women. All in all, wasn't a good look.


Alex then gets a call at one in the morning from her lawyer saying that Sofia is now bringing in her own agent and they made changes to the deal. Alex is like um ok????

They send over all the new edits and the document looked almost ~identical~ to the ORIGINAL Suitman term sheet. Part of the ask shortened the length of their contract from one year to 6 months, and when it stated “the girls will get the IP at the end of the 12 months or if they just terminate the contract” so they could essentially just sign the deal and then decide to leave a week later and with the IP. Which is insanity. Barstool would laugh in their faces and tell them to go fuck themselves.

This is when Alex realized she had to make a decision. Sofia was never concerned about the podcast, getting an episode out or reconnecting. It's about the money. At this point, Dave and Barstool had no idea that Alex and Sofia were not even agreeing on terms, so Alex called Dave immediately before the new term sheet was sent over. She told Dave that she wanted to take the deal he offered on the rooftop. Alex got her own lawyers and began to negotiate her own deal with Barstool. She's now a single father to the Daddy Gang.

May 17th Dave puts out a podcast on Call Her Daddy titled, "Daddy Speaks". And puts out hilarious rants on his Instagram page about Suitman. It's fucking gold.

May 22nd Alex put out a Youtube video sharing a very detailed timeline into what happened and her side of the story.

“I lost a friend. You guys lost the duo that you were invested in, the show. It fucking sucks. I think anyone on the Internet, anyone watching this, anyone listening, has one lost a friend, or two, what hurts even more is losing a friend to a boyfriend…When I saw the person that I thought I was in business with, had a posse of people that significantly effect her decision making. I had to make a decision for myself and my own career. And that’s why I’m sitting here alone right now. I didn’t have a boyfriend make my decisions, an agency make my decisions, I had to make it for myself. See you fuckers on Wednesday."

Since Alex's Youtube video went up Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande to name a few and the guy who fucked over Taylor Swift, got involved on behalf of Suitman. He apparently called Erika (the CEO of Barstool) and asked what can we do, Sofia now wants 50% of Call Her Daddy back... girl really? Dave called him back and spoke to Scooter who is now backtracking and saying he wants nothing to do with the drama.

Sofia fucked herself royally out of half a mil. Best of luck to you girl.

THE END (for now)