Jurassic World How to get there

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Jurassic World is on a small island called Isla Nublar.Depending on where you live your flight could take while.You would have to fly to Costa Rica with an American air line flight..This journey may take a long while but we can ensure that you will have an amazing time.


After flying to Costa Rica enjoy the luxurious ferry.see if you can spot a humpback whales.Dont forget to check out the pool.this is the time to sit back and appreciate the wonderful hot sun.Get some rest you have a fun busy time ahead of you.


I'll Nubla is home to some of the finest hotels in the world.Also the most comfy rooms.As well as staying in hotels accommodation is also available

Kids activities

Welcome kids to Jurassic park kids most of all fun but also educational.We welcome kids to explore and have fun like every other dinosaur should!

Aquatic park

Dive in !! Splash around acting like a Gallimimus. Slide our double helix water slide and chill out on the pool side sun beds .sunscreen is highly recommended!!

Underwater observatory

Doesn't it sound cool to come face to face with the worlds only mosasour in our ultimate underwater tunnel !Just a few inches of glass stands between you and this magnificent amazing,real predators gaping jaws

Egg spinner

Spin until your brain is scrambled egg on our magnificent recreation labs egg spinner !Doesnt that sound brilliant you'll have lots of fun!!You might feel like you've been resequenced.


At Jurassic world our main priority is safety but don't forget the fun ,there for we have had many safe fun things for you and your children to do.We want you and your children to remember this adventure.One of the activities your family can join in with is the theme park.Wich has rides not just for the little ones but for 3-13 year olds or if your a pear to your welcome to join them.We also have boat activities and bungee jumping.There is also golf and tennis.

Discover and explore

You will discover many new things at Jurassic World as for exploring you can explore and learn about how dinosaurs live in this century. Let your children explore and discover the dinosaur bones in the sand.Also you can dig dig in the sand and who knows you might find more than just dinosaur bones and fossils.Becaouse of our scientists you can now see dipictures from junosaurs in real life and whatch our dinosaur eggs hatch.

Photos are from UK.jurassicworld

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