narwhals Are affected by Global Wariming

Whats Global Warming

Global Warming is when its too hot and effects earths atmostphere, it causes the polar ice caps to melt. Global Warminfg is caused by carbon dixoide and is called the green house effect.

This picture is of the polar ice caps melting caused from Global Warming.


Narwhals live deep down in the arctic waters. Sometimes you see them closer to the top but not that much. The waters are freezing and the air is a crisp cold.

FLASH-FREEZING: 1:The narwhals would travel through air tunnels in the ice as a pack. Then the tunnels freeze shut behind them which the narwhals would get stranded and separated.The Narwhals are at a higher risk of getting hunted. 2:The ice continues to melt which cause human presences to increase along with more boat activity. 3: The humans are creating oil spills and polluting the waters where the Narwhals live.

heres a pack of narwhals in the arctic waters

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