#WoofWednesdays Sparky's Adoption Success Story

Sparky at HSTT

Sparky’s everything you could ask for in a dog: goofy and playful, bounding around after his squeaky toys and engaging you in tug of war. He likes car rides and will sit calmly looking out the window. He even likes going for walks and doesn’t expect to be carried.

Wait, carried?

David and Liz only planned to foster Sparky. He convinced them that they couldn't live without him.

Sparky is a great boy, but most people have a larger dog in mind for their Tahoe canine companion. But love can show up in the strangest places. Needless to say, this 6 year old, 7 pound package was not where Liz and David were expecting to find it.

Sparky had been at HSTT for two months, and was in need of a little break from shelter life. Liz and David agreed to foster him for a while, not thinking much more would come of it. But a few weeks rolled by, and it was time for Sparky to go back on the adoption floor. Liz and David found themselves asking if they could stand life without the little guy. But could he keep up with their active outdoors lifestyle?

They took him along on a weekend climbing-camping trip and Sparky convinced them. He doesn’t care for the cold, but give him a warm bed to burrow into, or a warm body to snuggle up against, and he was more than happy to go along for the ride.

Sparky likes to be bundled up

He’s looking forward to the warmer weather, but in the meantime is enjoying the perks of his miniature stature: he goes along for new adventures, like kayaking on Donner lake, bundled up in mom’s jacket.

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