Show, Interact, Create By hannah kavan


Lesson Objective: SWBAT identify, compare, and contrast the different land formations.

"Show" Activity: Watch "Landforms, Hey!" Video


Lesson Objective: SWBAT demonstrate, interpret, and illustrate their knowledge of land formations in picture format.

Interact Activity: Shaving Cream Land formations
  • I will put shaving cream on each student's desk.
  • The student will then spread the shaving cream out and wait for further instructions.
  • I will ask the students to draw a land formation of my choosing such as a volcano, a fjord, a mountain, etc.
  • This will help students to differentiate between land formations and also encourage classmates to work together if confused.


Lesson Objective: SWBAT design, construct, and describe (in detail) the aspects of their assigned land formation.

Create activity: Land formation Box project
  • Students will be assigned a land formation to focus on.
  • Students will then be allowed computer time to research their formation.
  • Once enough information has been gathered, students will be expected to bring a shoebox to school to work on creating their specific land formation.
  • Once all students have finished designing their boxes, we will present the diagrams to the class.

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