MY VIEW of THE DIVINE what is the good life

Theresa Roberts, Gianna Drayer and myself at the Cosntans Theatre on January 22


Upon entering the Constans theatre, approxamately 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the show, I immediately noticed the set of the play including a stained-glass window highlighted through lighting. I sat a few rows back from the beginning of the second section of seating which gave me a clear view of the stage. I skimmed the playbill for the play which gave me an overview of the plot and information regarding the themes and characters. As the performance set to begin, snow fell onto the stage creating a calm, peaceful atmosphere and generating silence among the audience. This was my first time in the Constans Theatre and I felt that it was rather moderately sized, but larger than I had imagined it to be. In relation to the Good Life, space gives people perspective. In having space from the main world, whether it be in your home or a place with fewer people, a person can gain their own perspective free from influences in their lives. In finding perspective, a person can develop what they believe to be their Good Life.


I attended the performance with my two friends Theresa and Gianna, both pictured above. We planned to attend together so that we could travel to and from the theatre together and so that we would have friends to share our experience and opinions with. Attending with friends enhanced my experience as following the play we discussed our likes and dislikes and if any of us needed clarification about a part, then we could discuss it together. If we had attended separately then we would not have a shared experience together. Shared experiences in the Good life are both necessary and unnecessary. They are necessary because memories in life should always include people, and often the happiest memories come from those we love, for example family vacations and milestones. Although sometimes they are unnecessary as some experiences are best to be done alone to create your own perspective of life. Shared experiences build our Good Lives.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The Divine was set in the early twentieth century in Quebec City. This location builds the atmosphere and characterization of the play as it is not a common place for plays to be set and is different from our own modern culture in America. One central issue of the performance was around Catholic Church and how it affected characters in the play. Another issue was the work factory where some characters worked and the abuse they were put through. Surrounding these issues I had limited background knowledge. I have previously watched a real-life movie about the Catholic Church and issues within it and I had learned about factories of the early 1900s and the labor issues the workers faced. Therefore, these issues I already knew of which made it easier for myself to understand the character's perspectives. Similarly with this knowledge, my perspectives did not alter as the issues were already known to me. These subject matters do not relate to myself as I am not connected to the Catholic Church or labor issues.

The Emotional Experience

After watching other performances and plays in the past, I had few emotional responses but rather tried to relate the morals and themes to my own life. Often the theme of happiness is related and therefore my emotional responses are positive and reflective rather than negative and depressive. In The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, the finale brought reflection of the issues that others face that you may never know about. The problems that the young seminary student faced were completely unknown to the audience throughout the play, until the end of course. In our everyday lives, people face struggles that hinder their journey to the Good Life and ultimate happiness. The audience finds katharsis within the play as they can evaluate his or her own problems. Also the audience can consider the problems that our society is facing now. The play includes the issues of child labor of the time which is could be compared to political and social issues of today. In conclusion, The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt gives the audience a look into the journeys of the lives of other people and reveals their issues in their quests for the Good Life.

The first picture was found from the Adobe Spark photo library. The following photos were taken at the Constans Theatre from my own camera. Theresa Roberts and Gianna Drayer allowed me to use this photo for this project.

Taylor Girtman - IUF1000 What is the Good Life


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