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Hi, my name is Keith Henderson and in this little virtual portfolio of mine, I'm going to tell you about how myself as well as my team pictured above made a cannon for our battleship project.

Late in the month of August, my teacher, Mr. Twilley had told the class we would be making a battleship using a ShopBot that we had in the back of our workshop.

First, we had to make a barrel support for a model cannon before we had to make our actual cannon. The background picture here is our prototype barrel support my team had cut out with our class laser. The smaller support we had cut out after we had got the scaling for our file wrong and the shavings on our support were from the circles of the support when we found out it was too small for the model.

Before we made our cannon, Mr. Twilley had us learn how to use an Arduino Kit that we use later to control our cannon when we tested. Unfortunately, I couldn't record all of the circuits we had to do but you can look though the ones we did record below.

You can also see the individual circuits and how they work by clicking the links below.

About a month later, we were away from learning Arduino and into making our cannon.

Alongside our cannon, we remade our support after Mr. Twilley had showed us a website called Box Designer. I didn't take any pictures of the final product however, but the most I can show you is the assembly we made in OnShape.

Support Assembly

Eventually, we had made our idea into a reality on OnShape with this assembly you see on the screen as well as the individual parts you'll see as you scroll down.

We had a couple of minor setbacks, including when one team before us broke the drill bit before we got to the ShopBot. When we did get to the ShopBot, we bought our cannon to life and it quite remarkable to see the ShopBot make curve out our team's cannon.

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