Blood Vs Money By KMFDM

Our Time Will Come

2014 | Electronic

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“Peace to the shacks war on the palaces..”


  • Our Time Will Come is the nineteenth album by KMFDM, Blood Vs Money is track six.
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Luke Tatum

Every day is better with KMFDM, I say! This is the trap we find ourselves in. We are dogs being sold muzzles by the ruling class. Why silence dissent, when you can convince people to silence themselves? The sinister alliance of Big Tech has seemingly fallen into this role quite well. Alex Jones can't be allowed to speak, after all. His silencing has proven all the more insane as things as more of the things he was labeled a "conspiracy theorist" for discussing have turned out to be true. I never really kept up with his program, and I know that there is plenty of things on Infowars that is blatantly bogus. But the concept of freedom of speech must protect all speech. A "right" that is subject to group approval is not a right at all. As KMFDM has been doing for over 20 years, they are calling us to stand up for ourselves. Let's get to it, shall we?

Sherry Voluntary

This song pretty well describes how I think a lot of us feel. Right now is not soon enough for the tyranny and oppression to end. Unfortunately, without cultural change, we'd be right back were we are in no time. As frustrating as it is, we have to at least get others to accept that we have the right to opt out. Until that time, we just keep planning, preparing, and plugging away at making ourselves as free as possible in the current state of affairs.

Nicky P

I love the line peace to the shacks, war on the palaces. While I think it probably gets taken as let’s have a war on the rich, we know better. While it’s true there are those that use political will to line their pockets, not every millionaire is a crook. Personally, I think it’s not without plan that the powerful hide within the wealthy, using them as a shield. This quibble aside it’s also no coincidence that war is most definitely the industry that profits the most off government and that there is something satisfying about imagining bringing the troops home only to send congress and the members of Raytheon out to fight the wars instead.

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Nicky P

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