Corey Times March 28th, 2021


We are so thankful for Spring Break and the opportunity to spend time with families and to recharge. The end of the school year is always pretty hectic, with end of year activities, district testing and state testing. We look forward to the opportunity to highlight the outstanding student growth, in spite of the difficult circumstances that this year has brought. This is our opportunity to celebrate our gains and success, due to the commitment and hard work of staff, students, and parents. We encourage all students to actively participate in our various assessments (iStation, Math Inventory STAAR Assessments- on campus, Spanish Proficiency Assessment -AVANT).

Asynchronous Days

The Texas Education Agency has approved the Arlington ISD's request to modify the asynchronous plan to include four days of asynchronous instruction for students during the spring. This time will allow teachers additional planning time and the ability to connect with parents. There will still be school on the four days, but all lessons will be asynchronous (recorded), and schools will be closed to students. Attendance will be taken on those days and meal service will be available at the 30 student meal locations on our Return to School site.

Our next asynchronous day is Thursday, April 1st.

Please remember that students will need to engage in Seesaw or Canvas on the asynchronous days. There will be no Zoom/Teams Meetings or in-person school on those days.

STAAR Testing Asynchronous days

Students will be taking the STAAR Assessment on April 6th (4th Grade Writing), May 11th (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Grade Math), May 12th (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Grade Reading) and May 13th (5th Grade Science). All students (virtual and face-to-face) will be required to take these assessments on campus. Our AISD School Board has submitted a waiver to TEA to provide hybrid instruction during scheduled testing dates. Students in grade levels who are not testing may engage in asynchronous days of learning. This will accommodate better social distancing as virtual learners must return to campuses for STAAR testing. The STAAR assessment provides crucial information, since it helps us track progress, celebrate strengths, and identify potential gaps in learning.

Fifth Grade students will engage in asynchronous learning on April 6th.

Different grade levels (who are not testing), may be asked to stay home for asynchronous days of learning during the May STAAR testing window. We will be communicating these days to the affected grade levels prior to the testing dates. The proposed days utilized at Corey Academy would be a maximum of two days of asynchronous learning (K-2) or up to one day of asynchronous learning for other grade levels.

We appreciate your understanding and support, as we provide the best testing environment for students, increase our participation of virtual students in the testing process, while safely adhering to health protocols.

FADL Parent Information Meeting

The recording of the Program Update Meeting from March 9th has been uploaded to our Corey Academy home page. This meeting includes information about Gunn Junior High and updates to our Fine Arts and Dual Language programs.

Please see link below:

around the building

Layers of the Earth

Students have been hard at work through-out the building. Our Sixth Grade students in Ms. Cooper's class have been working on their "Layers of the Earth" project. Here are a few words from Ms. Cooper:

"To kick-off our second semester of investigating, the amazing sixth grade students at Corey Academy began investigating Earth's Materials. During their investigation they learned what the journey would be like to travel from Earth's crust, the layer in which we as humans live on all the way to Earth's core or the center of the Earth. Students investigated what elements make-up each layer, its state of matter, its position as well as other amazing facts. Students applied their learnings by creating 3-d and 2-D models of their very own layers of the Earth. Students also wrote creative and fun stories about their journey to the center of the Earth, highlighting how they felt, what they saw and how they moved through each layer. I am extremely proud of all my students for their hard work and amazingly creative ideas."

Sample of Layers of the Earth projects.

Second Grade Virtual Author's Visit

Our Second Grade students enjoyed a virtual author's visit with Josh Funk (sponsored in part by our Corey Cubs PTA). Please read a few words below from Ms. Ferguson about the event:

This Friday our stupendous 2nd graders were so fortunate (thank you Corey Academy and fabulous PTA) to have the opportunity to attempt a reverse field trip virtual author visit! The phenomenally talented Josh Funk spent an hour discussing the writing and publishing process, reading a book (along with a sneak peek of future works) and answering our burning questions about his published works! He was engaging and inspiring! We spent our day creating three dimensional characters, making a character card and planning an adventure for our character we will write about next week! Our 2nd graders are becoming stellar authors!!"

Second Grade Virtual Author Visit with Josh Funk

First Grade Wax Museum

Our First Grade students were able to continue our yearly Wax Museum tradition by presenting on various historical figures. The project included doing research on their historical figure, and then presenting to the class what they had learned as an autobiographical Wax Museum. We are so impressed with all our students, teachers, and parents who worked so hard to make this Wax Museum a reality. Way to go First Grade!

Wax Museum Presentations

Gunn Jr. High PTA

Please click on the link below if you are interested in serving on the Gunn Jr. High PTA next school year.

Change of Instructional Setting

  • Please remember to fill out the form when there are changes (virtual to in-person, or in-person to virtual). There is up to a five day waiting period to change from virtual to in-person.
  • Please communicate with your child's teachers and the front office when there will be a change (for example an in-person student who will miss school due to a doctor's appointment).
  • Please remember that consistency is key to student success. Constantly changing the instructional setting causes a disruption to your child's learning. We are aware that there are extenuating circumstances that may necessitate the change, but we ask that every effort be made to provide students with consistency.
  • We need accurate and up-to-date information in order to complete contact tracing (when needed), appropriately prepare materials, and prepare for district testing.

District COVID-19 Reporting Protocol

School websites at every campus now have a COVID-19 dashboard on their home page. The dashboard lists notices of "possible exposure" on each campus and is updated daily. You will not receive an email every time there is a "possible exposure" at a campus as those notices will be placed on the website. However, if your child has been in "close contact" with someone who has tested positive or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you will receive an email and follow-up support from Arlington ISD officials. Corey Academy staff members will be calling you directly if your child is a "close contact" with someone who has tested positive or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Corey Academy Webpage

Nurse Jennifer's Corner

Please take a moment to read important information below from Nurse Jennifer about health screening:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Vision, hearing, and spinal screening is beginning in Arlington ISD. Students routinely screened for vision and hearing are those in grades K, 1, 3, and 5. Those who routinely receive spinal screening are girls in 5th grade. Due to challenges from COVID, some students in routine screening grades may not be screened this school year. Students who are virtual learners and do not attend class on campus may make an appointment and receive screening. Please call nurse Jennifer at 682-867-3906 if you wish to have your child screened. You may bring a screening result from a healthcare provider dated after June 1, 2020 in place of on campus screening. Please contact your school nurse if you have concerns about your child

Signs of vision problems include:

• Squinting

• Tilting the head

• Sitting too close to the television

• Rubbing eyes constantly

• Moving eyes in abnormal alignment

Signs of hearing problems include:

• Your child wants volumes louder than other members of the family

• Your child often says “What?”

• It seems like your child isn’t listening

• Your child seems to hear fine sometimes and not others

Signs your child may have an abnormal spinal curvature:

• Uneven shoulders or hips

• Ribs that are prominent or stick out in one area

• Muscles that are prominent in the lower back or bulge on one side

Screenings will be done in small groups this semester throughout the remainder of the school year. Please contact nurse Jennifer if you do not want your child screened.

Thank you!

Jennifer Smith Rn, BSN (jsmith52@aisd.net)

School Fundraiser

We are currently participating in the SchoolStore fundraiser. We tried to identify a fundraiser that would not require for students to engage in selling or handling of money or products. Please see information below on possible ways that students can participate. Thank you for your support.

Corey Cubs PTA

Have you joined the Corey Cubs PTA this year? If you are not a member yet, please join at www.joinpta.org!

Remember, PTA isn’t just for parents and teachers! Students, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, business leaders, community members, and other staff members all help enhance the experiences of our students! 💙

Yearbook Updated Information

School Pictures

The proofs for the Fall pictures (as well as the Retakes) will be made available to all students who had their picture taken. Please take a moment to see information below on how to contact Glamourcraft to order prints.

Corey Times (Previous Editions)

Upcoming events

April 1st - Asynchronous Day of Instruction (virtual learning at home using Seesaw or Canvas, no live lessons or in-person instruction)

April 2nd - Student/Staff Holiday

April 6th - STAAR Writing (Fourth Grade). Virtual and In-person Fourth Grade students take assessment on campus.

April 6thFifth Grade Asynchronous Day of Instruction (virtual learning at home using Canvas, no live lessons or in-person instruction)

April 12th - Student Holiday/Staff Exchange Day

April 16th - Fifth Six Weeks Report Cards

April 22nd - Earth Day

April 27th-29th - Silent Auction (Corey Cubs PTA)

May 3rd-7th - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 11th - STAAR Math Grades 3, 4, 5, 6. Possible Asynchronous Days K, 1, 2.

May 12th - STAAR Reading Grades 3, 4, 5, 6. Possible Asynchronous Days K, 1, 2.

May 13th - STAAR Science Grade 5. Possible Asynchronous Day 4th and 6th Grade.

May 17th - Asynchronous Day of Instruction (virtual learning at home using Seesaw or Canvas, no live lessons or in-person instruction

May 26th - Last Day of School

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