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Job Description:

It can be as simple as purchasing a donut from a convenience or heading to a patisserie shop, either way it all comes from a baker. Baker's have a multitude of jobs some of the more important tasks include measuring out flour an the sort, evaluating the resources, and moving the process along in a timely fashion. Depending on the shop costume orders may be taken, if so it is a bakers job to cater to their needs including the request being warm for pick up. For large scale cooperations productivity works quite differently compared to family owned store, which we will get more into later. People working in this field must have communication skills, not only to be able to interact with clients but as well as the staff around them.

Training Requirements /Education/Collage:

Of course being part of the food industry it isn't unreasonable for employers to demand culinary training or background. However, there isn't always a course catered to just baking, thus some people in this line of work take it upon themselves to enroll in basic classes. These courses typically last a year to two years, teaching basic skills like measurement math, food safety and much more. High school diploma may be necessary to attend said courses, as for training an internship or apprenticeship would be the way to go. Once again depending on their environment students will learn differently, for major producing companies they're first taught how to operate equipment. On the other hand local stores get down to the basics with proper icing techniques and as such. Apprenticeships or trainees can be taught for quite some time, even p to three years.


As shown by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of 2014 for bakers was 185,300 and even has a projection of 198,300. Though the field may be small the amount of positions available is favorable. Like any other job many people retire during a year, so of course people are looking to recruit. Especially people who hold a certain skill or excel in categories, workers with these attributes are in high demand. Adding on people willing to study abroad and return are also sought after for their foreign techniques.

Salary and Benefits:

Currently minimum wage is set between $7.25-$7.75, employees in a baking work force receive around $11.62. This can also be estimated to $24,170-$24,270 annually, this brings their pay above both some restaurants as well as grocery stores. As told by the CT bakers group, depending on if you worked an year by their standard you are permitted 5.6 paid holiday weeks. Paid for sick days may also depend on years of service, family circumstances are thought of as well. Two days of paid leave is allowed for immediate family members.

Day in the life of a Baker:

Common routines for a baker can vary depending on their position. However it usually all starts the same while still varying. Usual attire contains a white shirt or blouse, jumpers, and apron, and a "bakers hat". From then they are to have clean hands, their shift may also change their duties for the day. In the morning before the shop opens prep is to be done, including mixing dough and batter, preheating ovens, preparing sheets and the restaurant, or even fetching stock. While the day continues they might be in the store helping prepare orders, or in the back prepping the next batch or removing finished goods. For those working with heavy machinery their day might also vary in the sense of not needing to directly handle the food. As the end of the day rolls around if it's allowed leftover might be distributed, as if they rely on baked fresh everyday it would be wasteful to throwout.

Commercial Baker:

Commercial bakers are part of large scale manufacturing businesses. Working with heavy machines, they follow instructions very closely and work hard to keep time. They rely on machines for a large part of the process.

Retail Baker:

Retail bakers or more of locally owned shops that can have the stereotypical family running it. Here they can be seen unloading ingredients and prepping by hand. These are also the shops at which more in depth learning is likely to occur. Requests for birthday cakes as well as large scale catering tasks can be obtained here.

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