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Is it worth the risk of climbing Mount Everest.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is worth the risk.Whoever climbs mount Everest is climbing the highest peak on earth.You are climbing the peak on earth, and what are the chances of you climbing that ever again in your life? The risk of dying is pretty high. After you climb it you feel so accomplished. People may not have the chance to climb Mount Everest because the trash people are throwing their trash there like it is a trash can. According to the video Mr.Orlando show the class, the reaction people have after climbing Mount Everest is very positive.There are many different routes to get to the peak.Most people take on of the routes because they are able to get acclimatized on their way up. What this is means is that the process of adjusting to higher altitude levels on this route is gradual. People who go through this route will likely not get sick from lack of oxygen. Therefore they will be able to reach the summit.It is definitely worth the risk! You might just see me climbing that mountain!

Does globalization make the world stronger?

Globalizaton can solve many of the worlds problems

Globalization is help the world in many ways.Globalization has benefits for both rich and poor countries.When companies in wealthy countries set up factories in poor countries, they create new job. The workers who fill these jobs often improve their standard of living. The money they earn also helps brings economic growth to their countries.`Globalization has other benefits. countries that trade with one another, often have good relationships. As a result conflict among nations may be reduced. In this way, economic interdependence may lead to world peace.

Bucket list


What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?

The European Union

Within supranational cooperation, there are often centripetal forces that unite nations. The creation of a common market has been an important economic force uniting the EU. With goods move freely across borders, people have more choices in what to buy. There are no taxes that have to be paid when moving freely across borders. In the EU the members have better bargaining power as a single group. Outside of Europe, the EU works together to strengthen Europe’s part in the world. By working together the EU members have more control over world problems. For example on the issue of global warming, they all have the same say in the problem. Instead of each country having their own say. This means that they are able to work together to meet a common goal. In these ways, these centripetal forces help Europe and the EU countries to be one.

What is the most effective style of government?

Representatives meet and vote on laws in the capital building.

The most effective style of government is representative democracy, because citizen elect leader to represent them. The representatives, do the day to day work but the citizens still hold the power.Through voting, in a representatives democracy, citizens are able to vote for their president or representatives. These representatives think about the issues, find solutions, and pass laws, and other necessary to keep the country run smoothly. It works smoothly because everybody has their own say, because everybody has an opinion.If the citizens don't like their representative they can can get rid of the representative. The citizens hold the power though,because if they don't like their representatives are doing , they can vote for a new representatives. they can also get rid of them.

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Good citizens are informed voters.

All citizens have rights and responsibilities but a good citizen is someone who exercises his or her rights with responsibility. A citizen has freedom speech, and many more rights and expectations, such voting, protecting the environment, following the rules and laws ,respect properties of others ,and to have responsibility for your actions. Responsibilities are the expectation that you will take care of certain things or perform duties. Some of their responsibilities are going on stay informed, tolerate other, protect public safety, and to speak your mind. A good citizen does all of these examples of responsibilities.

Oil reserve

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource ,such as as oil , should have a positive effect on the SW Asia region. Countries that sell oil can afford better healthcare for their citizens. According to Geography Alive, they found that life expectancy in the SW Asian region increased by by 15 years, and infant mortality rates decreased. This shows that oil has improved the lives of people in this region. Also, People's lives have made huge profits from selling oil. For example, the story of the royal family. They made so much money they could afford a $ 185 million dollar vacation. Not only the Royal family makes money like this though, citizens lives improve also. When there is so much money people can share the wealth and use the money for essential needs and a little extra. The evidence show us that many people in the this region need a nonrenewable resource such as oil to have better lives.


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