Dear applicants,

The selection of delegates is and will always be a difficult and highly subjective matter. Therefore, it is of imperative importance to me that the selection is done by multiple people from different backgrounds who through their own experiences have gained key insights into the processes of an EYP session, the mind-set of a participant at such an event and the possibilities for growth and development of individuals in our organisation.

Together these individuals will make up the Jury Team, and when I say ‘team’ I do mean team. In my view a Jury is comprised of a group of equally competent people, sharing their opinions and by doing so coming to a more in-debt understanding. Together, a Jury can accomplish more, which in turn benefits both the objectivity and transparency during the selection.

I believe the Jury Team at the EYPUK Summer National Session 2017 should aim to reach a level of judging in the EYP that reflects the underlining values of our organisation. Namely, to approach a task with open-mindedness, willingness to compromise, and by engaging in an in-depth assessment where the opinion of all relevant stakeholders are taken into account.

This, in my opinion, is the only right and fair way to select those delegates that will contribute to the well-being of our organisation as a whole and will grow to become the future of the EYP tomorrow.

I wish you all the best of luck with the application,

Kind regards,

Jeroen De Marteau

Head of Jury


As a friend of mine recently said, EYP Media tends to be underrated; even though their output is what remains after sessions. However, what is this output? Is it just photo, video and interactive projects produced for the sake of it, or is there a larger purpose behind it?

I hope to have a media team not for the sake of having a media team, but instead I to have a team of individuals who realise the diversity of our network and the opportunities it brings through having an impact on its target audience (which is not limited just to the Session participants), as well as being a bit innovative and unconventional!

It does not matter whether you have just started doing EYP or are experienced in EYP Media. As long as you are willing to do the best you can to bring extra value to the participants’ experience, strive to have impact on your audience, and are willing to learn new things and challenge yourself, there is a place for you in my Media Team.



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