George Washington

How many terms did Washington have when he was president only did 2 terms. He had not parties and he had factions thats how he got like the hole army and beat so many people and had land Secretary of State Thomas JeffersonSecretary of the Treasury Alexander HamiltonSecretary of War Henry Knox Attorney General Ed Postmaster General Samuel Osgood.

John Adams was president for 4 years from 1797-1801.He had a political party it was a feveralist partyAdams's style was largely to leave domestic matters to Congress and to control foreign policy himself and he never talked bad about his government and il always wanted to help

thomas Jefferson had 8 years as the P and it was from 1801-1809 and Democratic-Republican Party but did not really like the way the government was being ran so he signed up to be the big P just to try and straighten the government

Madison did 8 years as the head person of the government in1809- 1817 and Madison was brought up in Orange County, Virginia, and attended Princeton.Late in 1810, Madison proclaimed non-intercourse with Great Britain. In Congress a young group including Henry Clay and John C Calhoun the War Hawks pressed the President for a more militant policy.

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