The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt Spark story by Aubrey shaw

The Spacial Experience: Walking up to the theatre, I did not know what to expect because I had walked by this place so many times. The well-decorated lobby and long line of people that poured into the theatre prepared me for what i hoped to be a stimulating performance. The lights dimmed and the music began to play which really painted the scene. "Place" plays the role of setting in the Goodlife and can influence one's ability to live the Goodlife. Many people seek a certain destination and paint said destination as their point of reaching the Good life.

The Social Experience: i decided to attend the play alone because most of my friends took this class last semester so everyone i was around were strangers to me. I believe that the fact that they were strangers made me less comfortable and less inclined to open myself up to the central theme and connect with the performance. To get ready for the play, i asked about the main points hit in the play so i could catch on to it sooner and keep said points in mind for the entirety of the show. Shared experiences are very important when it comes to the Goodlife because they allow us to grow together and companionship, love, and communication are things we need as humans so to live a good life, we need to experience things with others to not only grow with them but also to be exposed to multiple opinions and viewpoints.

The Cultural and intellectual experience: I believe tolerance and understanding played a large role in this play which is very applicable to the culture and "hot topics" around us today. I believe that perspective was a big theme in the story and understanding that we do not all have the same backgrounds allows us to relate more and have stronger relationships. I did not know the specifics of the play before attending but the larger themes were very clear throughout the performance. I can't connect directly with the events in the play but i can connect the theme to our society's un-willingness too open up to people or groups not familiar to us.

The Emotional experience: We experience this "Katharsis" or "coming clean" because we can all relate to one if not all of the events or characters of the story. We can relate to the fact that the church and it's officials were persecuting people that did not live perfectly under it's doctrine. we can relate to the characters who at one point only acted for his own personal gain but decided to make a change in his life for the better. We can relate to group of people that are not "traditional" that are not perfect in the eyes of the church but decide to live their live's on their terms because that is how they feel comfortable. The whole play provided us with opportunities to find ourselves and "come clean" for the little negative things that we do and because we can do that, The Divine is a very relevant production that i enjoyed watching and i think benefitted my journey for the goodlife.

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