Spark Coloris the subtle spark on the ocean floor.

The Spark Coloris is named after its physical attributes. It can stun its prey with an electric spark and it changes colors to adapt to its environment. It lives in two different zones but basically in the same place. It goes in the deep ocean at night to catch bigger prey. While in the daytime it stays on the ocean floor looking for smaller snacks. It blends into the sand and seaweed around its environment as well as changes colors when hunting. It moves by propelling itself with its side spikes in a clockwise rotation. It uses the same propulsive properties to breath and take the oxygen out of the water. The Spark Coloris uses its spikey antennae to temporarily stun its prey with the electric charge it gives off. It eats just about anything that can fit in its mouth but preferably small fish such as snapper, tuna, etc. It is almost a cross between nekton and benthos as it lives on the sea floor but can swim freely wherever it may like. To reproduce it has to find a female and link antennae with it. It also uses these antennae to defend itself from predators as it gives off a small electric spark and stunts them.

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jamil makhlouf

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