Technology in my Life Preya agam

The photo in the background above is a photo of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. I started off this page with this photo for two reasons. One I absolutely love this photo, two I took this photo with a digital camera which is an example of a piece of technology I use often and a great way to start off this page on technology in my life.

In the photo above I am using my cell phone, which allows me quick access to communication which is what I primarily use it for.

Here I am using the computer, I do work on the computer almost everyday. I send all my emails using a computer and it is one of my favorite pieces of modern technology.

In this photo I am using earbuds which use to listen to music and to video chat with others. These are very useful as I do not want to disrupt others and be a nuance to people.

As a student that has always taken a math class I use a calculator (when permitted) everyday. It has many programs that save me time, and has many functions that simplify the math.

Here I am leaning against my car which makes my life very nice. I get can to many different areas using my car and its a very smooth ride.

I am grabbing my paper off the print which is very useful for projects and such. Though a majority of my classes have assignments that are turned in online the printer still helps with other projects and posters.

All of these technological advances make my life easier and better, they help me accomplish my goals and get things done. Living in a world with technology has influenced me to want to continue working with technology and use it has it further develops.

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