The picture of Dorian Grey

  • Lord Henry Wotton
  • Basil Hallward
  • Sybil Vane
  • Alan Campbell
  • James Vane

The story:

The story is set in the XIX century in London. The story start with a rich man, Lord Henry Wotton, who is watching a painting of his friend Basil Hallward that portrays a young rich man, Dorian Grey. Lord Henry recommended to expose the picture in an exhibition but Basil answered that he love too much that picture and he don't want to expose it. After a while Dorian Grey enered in the room and started to talk with Lord Henry that explained him the values of the youth, infact he thinks that the best thing in the word is to be young for ever. Dorian was amazed by this speech and he went in front of the picture and he said that the picture will grow old and Dorian will be young and beautifull for ever. So after that the relationship between Dorian and Lord Henry grows and lord Henry showed him the beauty of life. Gray also felt in love with a young actress of a low-class theater, Sybil Vane, who love too much Dorian and she confided that the only passion for her is not he thatre but the only thing he love is Dorian. But grey didn't like it so he left her in the street and he said that he will not see anymore. When he returned at home he watched the picture and he saw that there was an expression of cruelty in his face, so he decided to leave Lord Henry and to write a letter to Sybil to apologize her but the next day Lord Henry sayd him that Sybil had committed suicide. Gray is aware of being the cause of the girl's death but nonetheless fails to feel real pain. So he decided to live without concerns and the picture started to grow old and he decided to hide the picture in the attic so that noone can see it, overall Basil, who decided to expose the picture in Paris but Dorian didn't want to give it to him. From that moment pass eighteen years, where Gray lives in a dissolute, the pursuit of pleasure, vice and luxury. the picture is aging more and more and one day Basil went to Dorian's house to see the picture so Grey and Basil went to the attic and he was amazed by how the picture was changed. Dorian, in a fit of anger, toke a knife and killed him, and he asked to his friend Alan Campbell to destroy the dead body with the nitric acid. To try not to think about what he did, even if does not feel the weight of remorse, he decides to go to a prostitute eho called him "charming prince", the same name by which he was called Sybil. In the restaurant there is a sailor, who, hearing the nickname, goes after it. he was the brother of Sybil who wanted to avenge her but Dorian manages to save himself by explaining to James that despite the similarity, he can not be the former boyfriend of Sybil, since it's been eighteen years and he is still rather young. James lets go. The prostitute sayed to James that the person who was talking to was Dorian Grey and he decided to chase him. Dorian transfered to the countryside. James, however, followed him secretly and after a while 'Gray also realizes it. But during a hunting trip, James is accidentally killed while armed with a gun, he was hiding in the bush. After that Dorian decided to change his life and he returned back to his home. Here he receives the news of the suicide of Alan Campbell and everyone in town talking about the mysterious disappearance of Basil. So one day while he was watching his picture he toke the knife by which he killed his friend Basil, it hit the picture to destroy it. Dorian was locked in the attic: the servants hear screaming and trying to force the door to check what's going on. When they manage to get in, they found on the wall a splendid portrait of Gray in all its splendor, young and beautifull. On the floor instead there is the body of an old man with a dagger in the heart. The body will be identified as belonging to Dorian Gray only thanks to the rings which leads to fingers.


In my opinion i really like this book because it's a very interesting story because it makes you think aboutthe life, infact, you can't live young for ever so you must enjoy your life each moments. And i think that Dorian, even if he killed lots of people and if does not feel the weight of remorse, at the end of the book he understood what he had done and he decided to destroy the picture and to die.


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