From Nursing to Infantry Women taking on infantry positions

Since World War I, but they were only allowed to serve as nurses or support staff. Women have proven themselves to be a valuable asset to the armed forces in times of war. So why can they not serve on the front lines of battle?

The job force for women in the armed forces has been limited to Drill sergeants, Pilots, Nursing,etc., but in 2016 president Obama passed a law allowing women to serve in any and all combat positions unless the job had a restoration put in place stating that women were no fit for this job. While Obama was in office the first two Army Rangers passed Ranger school. Captain Kristen Griest and first Lieutenant Shaye Haver completed the school in 2015. Captain Griest has also been the first female to lead a combat squadron into an active was zone.

By allowing females to serve in combat positions it opens more then 200,000 jobs to females. Allowing new opportunities for women and providing females with an increased pay.

Obama passed another law requiring women to have to register for the draft once they turn 18. This law could become an incredible advantage to our military if the draft was ever required again it would allow more qualified individuals to have the potential to be drafted in a time of war strengthening our military.

Left Captain Griest Right Lieutenant Haver

The Obama administration made incredible progress in the heated topic of women being in the armed forced, however they had many people who disagreed with this idea. One of the main reasons that so many people disagreed is the view women as being unfit for battle. Captain Petronio far passed her physical fitness test, but when she pushed herself by spending time under a full combat load weighting 97 pounds she suffered severe injuries to her back.

Another reason the people disagree with the idea of women in infantry positions. Their is also the thought of sexual relationships with in a unit. This could become very distraction for the job at hand and can compromise a mission. An article in New America states "The average infantryman is in his late teens, and at this time in his life is raging with sexual hormones" (Kenny). If a unit is distracted by a female fighting beside him he could be shot and or captured by enemy forces.

So I call you to support having females serve in the combat rolls of our military. Females will prove themselves as an amazing asset to our military and will strengthen our troops fighting wars over seas.


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