Advanced Art Studio By Caroline Foulke

My mission was to create something i felt was interesting to me and represented me. I wanted it to stimulate me and others through the glitter, photos, and add ons. As I am no master in hyper realistic painting, I tried to showcase my personality through using what was around me that inspired me. Adding ice coming out of my camera symbolized that there was endless possibilities using this media. I felt like my passion for photography was exhibited through the ice bursting through the lens. The neck of my guitar was made from a photo from of glowing signs which I felt added something more exciting. I added a rose entangled in my hair because it's not only my favorite flower, but also represents a time of blooming. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons because they’re inspirational and an all around happy time that I wanted to include. I exaggerated my hair to be bigger and bolder than it is because i think it’s a defining feature of mine. Even though it may really look like me, I can still see parts of me in it!

Artist Statement: The inspiration for this image was to depict the beauty of the human body. By using oil pastels I could effectively illustrate the water and flow of colors. I had trouble differentiating the tones and shades for parts of the drawing because they were extremely similar. However, that is also what I like the most about this piece. Its warm and comforting tones creates an attractive atmosphere to viewers which invites them into the scene.

Although I had trouble with the oil pastels, I'm glad I finished it and I like how it turned out. I tried to add warmer tones and blend out the shadows. By adding brighter colors and softening it slightly, I think I created a more light mood to the drawing.

Finished Drawing

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