Japanese Internment By Abbie Rowe

The government shouldn't have placed Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast in internment camps.

There were both pros and cons for the internment camps. In the second video it said that some of the Japanese-American agents had assisted in the attack of pearl harbor according to the government. The american people were scared of them and saw them as a security risk. In the third video it said that the Japanese-American people were feared near the west coast and that the government didn't trust them. I feel like the camps were a pro because people were scared of them. I think that they would have been more safe in the camps than they would at their houses. On the other hand, Japanese-American people shouldn't have been all looked at the same. Not everyone was a bad person. Like said in the first document "though born and raised int the United States, will not turn against this nation when the final test of loyalty comes."

My opinion is that these internment camps should not have existed. Just because these people were a certain race does not mean that they should have been looked at different ways. They were still people and their rights should not have been taken away because someone their race did something. Even though they may have been more safe in the camps, they should have had a choice to go to the camps or they should have been able to call the police if they were being harassed. They are still people and they, themselves, did nothing wrong.


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