Investigating Buonacy The Boat project

Properties of the Boat

Buoyancy is key to a good boat. It determines whether the boat will float of not. You can tell whether a boat will be buoyant by seeing if the weight of the water displaced by the boat is less then the boat. To ensure buoyancy I hollowed out the pontoons and the main semi-circle, thus lessening the weight of the boat. But at the same time keeping the shape of the boat, which displaces more water. By having less items on my boat I was increasing my chances of buoyancy.

The other aspect we have to consider for the boat to be successful is the stability. In this case, stability is determined by seeing is the boat withstand waves and wind. Most boats nowadays use pontoons to keep the boat stable. My boat mimics these features as you can see there are two long oval-like shapes serving as pontoons on the sides. One of the other features I have to keep a boat stable is my center of gravity. The boat's center of gravity is clearly in the middle. Keeping the center of gravity in the middle helps with the stability. Furthermore having a light weight also helps with stability as it does with buoyancy.

Boat on TinkerCAD


The final boat met all the requirements. My boat was able to float with three coins placed on top and "turbulences". Out of the three boat testers my boat was sturdy and stable. The boat was very buoyant due to the difference in weight. The weight of the water displaced was 0.265N whilst the boat weighs 0.179N. Thus the boat was able to float with weight to spare. According to my calculations the 2 euro cent coin weighs approximately 0.0306N. To sink my boat you would need to place 4 coins. Even then, when I placed 4 coins, my boat, it was still afloat, but only barely. As seen in the video the boat does fall after 5 coins but only with minor disturbances. Stability wise my boat stood strong. The pontoons were functioning properly, helping with the stability. Due to a problem in the printing, my boat's middle was missing a border (as seen in the picture below). This resulted in the boat's weight being uneven. Due to this unevenness, the boat gathers water on one side which leads to sinking. Luckily it took about 4-5 coins for this to happen to the boat.

Unlike most boats my boat didn't include a keel. This wasn't unintentional, for further experiments a keel could be added to compare to my current boat, to see if I could've benefited from a keel. One of the most obvious aspects of my boat was the missing barrier that was substituted with a hot glue. This may have resulted in having a lighter boat which would work in my advantage. The shape of my boat isn't necessarily different than the other boats. You see a main shape supported by two pontoons of the similar shape. This can be seen in many boat designs, and for good reason. As mentioned before the pontoons improve stability by keeping the boat balanced, it's no coincidence this can be seen in most of the boats. The one thing I find that was different in my boat was the fact that the pontoons were directly attached. There was no rods connecting my boat with the pontoons. I believe this may have benefited me in the way that my boat lacked in the weight that pontoons would've added. At the same time though my boat may have been more stable with the extra rods, seeing as though the rods were the same length; they would've kept my boat's center balanced. Overall my boat was well thought out and met the requirements.


My boat's main problem wasn't an error in design but more so in the printing. As seen in the picture below my boat was missing a side of it. But when you look at the TinkerCAD pictures no such thing is to be seen. I believe this was due to the proximity of the hole to the object it self. If I were to do this over again I would double check that there are no holes. Other than that my boat's design sufficed, I wouldn't change anything else.

Final Boat

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