Germany also known as DEushchland

Germany is a country with a rich Christian history, and so its countryside is dotted with beautiful cathedrals and monasteries, some of which are more than 600 years old. None the less it is a great place to stop by when touring the country.
When visiting Germany, why not go to the center of it all in Berlin. The city is the capitol of the Germany and as expected with European capitol cities, it is a beautiful city with just the right amount of today's modern culture and ancient Gothic architecture.
While your still here, why don't you enjoy the vast, beautiful wilderness of the countryside. The River Rhine, The Teuton burg forest, all of it is great for exploring in Germany.
Germany is a founding member of The European Union, and a major manufacturing power, making it well known for its close relations with other countries and high standard of living. Its currency is the euro, which is of higher value than that of the U.S dollar.


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