exposition :Bella is a shy ten year old girl. she likes to be at home with her dog and mother her life is perfect. but in her eyes its about to all fall apart. Bella has been invited to an amazing summer camp. her mother makes her go because "she needs to make new friends." She begged her not to make her go, but it didn't work.

the camp was a luscious green forest in front of a beautiful lake
the camp was a luscious green forest in front of a beautiful lake

Rising action : its Monday her first day at camp. Bella found a safe quiet place by the lake to write in her diary. she sits and writes about how much she hates camp. she sits and writes for about half an hour. they call supper and she makes her way up to the dining hall

climax: when she got her lunch she decided to look down so no one would notice her. She was trying to be invisable as usual. not noticing the chair leg in front of her she tripped and fell face first into her spaghetti

falling action: she was sad the next few days." HI" a voice called from behind . she looked around for a bit and asked "are... are you talking to me. "yeah" she said walking over "who else would I be talking to" they became good friends.

sulution as they walked through the cafeteria the next day they were talking to EACH OTHER they were so into there conversation they didn't notice the puddle of water on the floor.they both fell AND THEIR trays went flying through the air.yhey landed right on the girls heads they laughed and went to get napkins

I think this is going to be a nice summer

the moral of this story is that some things are hard to get through and somtimes you just need a friend to give you a hand

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Zaria Franks

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