The Creativity of Art by: Cody Thompson


Have you ever looked at a famous painting worth millions of dollars, and said to yourself, “I want to do that”! Well, with a little bit of pointers, one day you can make a piece of dream work! Now I may not be the best Artist in the world, but i'm working to get up there. I already have a lot of sponsors and complements woven into the hearts of my artwork!

How to make shadows in Art

First off, how do you make shadows in Art? Well, if you're curious, than here's your answer. First, you make a kind of dark mark on the place of either side of the paper. It depends on what side you want the sun to be on. You put the mark on the opposite side of the sun. Than you look at the dark mark, take your finger and smudge it going down the side or face of your drawing. You can also make a shadow like under the eyes or nose of a face to make it like more realistic. That is how you make a shadow in Art. “I learned this by figuring it out!”

What type of tools you can use in Art

Next, you need to, or you should know is, what type of tools to you can use in Art. Well, you can use varieties of markers with bright or dull texture, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, charcoal for dark shades, pastels, oil pastels, chalk, paint, plaster for sculpting, stone, ice, fire, and so much more that you can think of. I learned how you can blow glass from a book called, “The Art Of Fire Beginning Glassblowing”. I learned Ice sculpture from a Popular show called, “Edward Scissor Hands”.Everything else, “I learned from all the time passing by.”

How to make Art paper stay clean

Now as you start to work on the piece, you can know how to have your paper stay clean from stains. You would think that that's silly, but you will see what i'm talking about. You should have your hand hover over your Art to make it so that in the feature, there is no oil stains. Yes there is an oil on your hands that make a yellow stain in a the future. “I know this because of the very first american flag design has oil stains on it from the creator, Betsy Ross! I know I should let my hands hover, but I don't even do that yet. I just know how to teach it!”

What you can make in Art

You should know what you can make in Art. A simple list is, sculptures, portraits, paintings, glass, sketching, jewelry, molding, and even lots more! Most people prefer to try painting for Art. “You do not have to. There is no law saying you can not. You can do anything you want! I know this from my previous Art teachers Mrs. Bengal, and Mrs. Spath, some of my favorite inspirations!”

How to cross hatch in Art

One of the last things I want to tell is how to cross hatch in Art! As you start working, a good step to do is to cross hatch in Art. First you make a grid like pattern where you would like a very cool design. But instead of a grid of straight lines, you make them curvy or 3 dimensional for a very unique texture. Ex- “Cross hatching is so creative, and you too, should try it. I learned how to do this from my current Art teacher Mrs. Farley!”

How to keep a paint brush clean in Art

Last but not least, a very, very important rule, how to keep a paint brush clean. Well, in Art, you usually would use a paint brush. So, the trick is to not let the paint touch the metal. When your paint touches the metal under the brush, it will drip down and get your whole paint brush colorful with dirty paint. Therefore, it is not that fun of a tie dye. But if you are someone who likes dual dirty colors, than, I guess that you will have a blast with it! Now if you ever do have paint touch your medal, you can wash it in water and rub it with a paper towel! “I learned this from my Art teacher Mrs. Farley!”

It’s on!

Now that you know a few things about Art, bring it on! This is now a competition to make a fortune!



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