MyVitalTV-Business Built for the Hospitality and Restaurant business with; live and streaming TV, Internet, Wi-Fi, VoIP, mobile Telephone services, business telephone systems, digital signage, customer services, Guest services, call center services

MyVitalTV-Business for Front Desk, Check In, Room Service using Interactive Displays, Kiosks and Signage

MyVitalTV-Business for Event Driven Internet Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Convention and Meeting Services, Convention Notifications and Messaging Apps

MyVitalTV-Business integrated In-Room Services, Live Streaming TV, VOD, Housekeeping

MyVitalTV-Business Live Sports, Channel Packages, VOD, Pay Per View Event Streaming

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Created with images by rolffimages - "Color screens fade to black and white" • Jonathan Pielmayer - "Salzburg hotel" • chuttersnap - "untitled image" • Bimo Luki - "untitled image" • Vinicius Amano - "Drink It Up!" • Anthony Ginsbrook - "Italian Restaurant"

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