DC WIC Vendor Training Q1 2021 Newsletter December 2020

The DC WIC State Agency appreciates your service to District residents and continued support during the COVID-19 public health emergency. We value all that you do for the DC WIC program and our WIC families.

WIC ID Folders

By now, we hope there are fewer cases of participants arriving without their WIC ID Folder. We sent a WIC ID folder protocol to all stores a few weeks ago, we hope this cashier tool has been helpful for your store.

Please continue to advise cashiers to refer to the WIC ID Folder Protocol when a DC WIC participant does not have a folder, or has an incomplete folder.

Additionally, inform cashiers that other issues addressed on this list include what to do with an upset WIC customer, checks and folders left at your store, and how to file a complaint about a participant.

Checks and WIC ID Folders Left At Your Store

We have learned WIC ID Folders and checks are being left at your store. Please report the lost WIC folder and checks to the State Agency by emailing info.vendor@dc.gov or calling 202-442-9397. We can get these items back to the participant.

Keep WIC ID folder and checks in a locked room or storage box.

Best Practices for Training Cashiers

Include training on WIC policies and procedures in new-hire staff training.

Use a spreadsheet to track staff who have completed new-hire training, ongoing training, to indicate if/when staff receive complaints from WIC participants.

Print and post communications from the State Agency in the office, break room, or other high-traffic employee area.

Have staff sign the back when they have read the quarterly newsletters, memos and other documents shared by the DC WIC State Agency.

Beech-Nut Variety Pack Coming To Shelves Beginning in February 2021

DC WIC will allow participants to purchase Beech-Nut's new chicken/turkey variety pack using their WIC checks. Eligible infants are prescribed 36 jars of baby meats in their monthly food package, which means a WIC caregiver can get up to 3 variety packs each month if they choose.

Beech-Nut variety packs will be available for shelves in February 2021. Don't forget to order!

Variety Pack: 12 count, Beech-Nut Nothing Artificial Added Stage 1 Infant Meats.

UPC: 052200200223.

UPC for this variety 12 pack is: 052200200223

Do Your Cashiers Know What To Do When A Participant Adds a Last Minute Item to Their Check?

If adding a last minute or missed item onto an already completed check, the following procedure must be used to correct the error:

  1. Draw a single line through the incorrect price
  2. Enter the correct price above the box where it says "Price Correction"
  3. Have the WIC customer sign their name where the check indicates” Signature for Price Change” and “Participant /Proxy Sign here only after price is entered”
  4. Enter initials of the cashier who initiated the price correction about the "corrected price"

Please note, you do not need to re-run the check through your systems again after price change to receive updated payment of WIC check. Talk with your supervisor to make sure the updated price is captured in your daily sales report.

Please use the cashier resource guide when training current and new cashiers. We have had vendors tell us this has been a very useful tool! If you cannot access the training guide, let us know and we will send you a copy to your email.

Similac Sensitive Is Now a Standard Formula

Similac Senstive 32 oz. Ready to Use and the 12.5 oz. Powder became a standard contract formula November 1st, 2020. Please ensure shelves are stocked with these products as soon as possible if you have not placed your orders yet.

Similac Advance and Similac Soy Isomil continue to remain as standard formulas in addition to Similac Sensitive. This means there will now be 8 standard formula products required for stocking on shelves.

Similac For Spit-Up Package Change

Similac For Spit-Up will change their package from 12-oz to 12.5-oz in January 2021. the UPC will not change.

For your convenience, the UPC is: 070074509600

Friendly Reminders

Treat WIC participants with the same courtesy and respect as other customers. We urge everyone to be kind and gracious toward WIC participants.

Cashiers must ask WIC participants to see their WIC ID folder upon checking out. This is a mandatory state requirement to verify identity.

Please use the Cashier Resource guide when training new cashiers. Information in this document is valuable to ensuring correct check processing is occurring at your store. If you are unable to access this link, please ask us to send you this document on email.

Print and share this training newsletter with your staff.


DC WIC recognizes the dedication of your frontline grocery staff, working tirelessly to feed the public. You play a critical role in helping people have access to fresh, affordable food. We thank you for your continued support of DC WIC.

Contact Jessie Lupo at 202-281-5971 or jessie.lupo@dc.gov, or the DC WIC State Agency at 202-442-9397 or info.wic@dc.gov, should you have any questions or need further assistance.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


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