How To Do An Oil Change By, ASEL AUTUKORALA

First you will need an oil drain tank or tray to drain your used oil into.

Lifting Your Vehicle

Next you will need to lift your vehicle so that it is in a comfortable position for you to go under and work. Be sure that you only use the recommended lift points and the proper equipment when lifting your vehicle to insure your safety ( Because your safety is important to me) .

Positioning The Drain Tank

Once you have your vehicle in the air, in a safe and comfortable position you can now go under and locate the drain plug, it is usually labeled. Once you have located the drain plug, position the drain tank approximately 1 inch in front of the drain plug.

Unscrewing Drain Plug

Now that you have located the drain plug use a wrench to unscrew the plug, unscrew till the plug is loose and then proceed to unscrew with your hand ( be sure to pull your hand away quickly with the bolt in hand as the oil will come out quickly).

Drain And Unscrew Filter

While you are letting your oil drain, locate your oil filter. Once you have located your oil filter unscrew using your hand (The filter will still contain some oil be sure to loosen, let oil drain then take out). Some filters will be too tight or will require a special tool. Once you have your filter out insure that the rubber ring gasket has come out with the filter as shown in the picture above.

Tightening The Drain Plug

Once your oil has been drained hand screw your drain plug back, Then use your wrench and tighten the bolt ( Be sure not to over tighten the drain plug as doing so will crack or strip the bolt).

Replacing Filter

When replacing your oil filter be sure that you put in a brand new oil filter every time you do an oil change on your vehicle. Dip the tip of your finger (Just the tip) in your oil tray or filter and apply it around your filter to help the rubber gasket to go in, using your hand screw in and tighten your filter till a snug fit. Double check that the drain plug and the filter are both snug and then wipe off the split oil.

Replacing Oil

Once your vehicle has been lowered to the ground, unscrew the Engine Oil lid, then using a funnel pour the correct amount of oil into you engine. The amount of oil need varies from engine size to engine size the best way to pour the correct amount is to google or look in the owners manual for your vehicle. Once you believe you have the correct amount pull out your dipstick, wipe it, put it back in, pull it out again and check if the oil is touching or a little over the allocated marks on your dipstick. You then need to start your car for a minimum of 10 seconds ( so the oil goes to the fitler) and then check your dipstick again.

Remebering Your Next Oil Change

Your final step to your very own oil change is to set a remind on your phone or a sticker on your wind screen. First put the grade of oil that you put into your vehicle then add 5000 or 10000 to your current kilometers, depending on if you put synthetic or regular oil.

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