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Hi, I'm Joe. I'm an artist and musician based in the UK. I work with a combination of traditional drawing, painting and print methods and digital image editing - focussing on producing both client based and personal, authorial projects. As a performer and avid music fan, I also make my own folk-influenced music which often informs my fine art and illustration practice, and vice versa. Literature and music are the biggest inspiration on my artwork, yet with experience of live briefs and client based work my style lends itself to a range of creative endeavours.

Visual Projects

Contemporary Bible Illustration...

Jesus calls Peter and Andrew to follow him, whilst they are out fishing. I reimagined the narrative happening in the harbour town of Brixham, Devon instead of the Sea of Galilee,

The Last Supper is an iconic scene and has been painted by a number of famous artists since the time Jesus was alive. I decided to set these images within a modern domestic/pub environment, to give the story of Christ telling his followers about his imminent death and resurrection, a new relevance for a contemporary audience.

In the Bible it is recorded that before Jesus was taken to be crucified, he prayed in anguish and despair to his father God and even sweat drops of blood. I have attempted to reflect this intense pain distress by showing a close up of Jesus's face, with the contrast of the rest of his disciples sleeping peacefully in the background.

Jesus healing a blind man. Jesus was known for his miracles and this story is one in which a blind man gains sight - metaphorical of faith. This row of shops is fictional but based on a town centre near where I live. The blind man, in biblical times, would have been quite poor, so I wanted to indicate this with the environment; showing very ordinary places like dry cleaners and betting shops suggests an ordinary environment


Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2017

First of the First (EP)

First of the First is an original EP of songs made in 2017. Its relatively stripped back feel combines folk influenced fingerstyle guitar with melodic vocals. The mellow tone of the songs, juxtaposed with poetic lyrics, convey themes of spirituality, beauty, nature, and love.

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Joe Yates

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