Enlightenment thinkers project Daniel stedman

Newtons is an enlightened thinker because he created the idea of motion he was very interested how stuff moved and he put his idea out there he said " the world is like a clock" what that meant was the world moves a lot he explained how force and gravity are together he lived in England in 1642 and went to school and studied math and science and

Isacc Newton

Old science

There were people just giving opinions and didn't care I'd they were right

New science

Isaac newton took his time and did experiments and made sure he was right

Isaac Newton

Isacc newton impact on society was the three laws of motion the laws where if an objects in motion it stays it motion unless something acts upon it the other law is the force of an object is equal to the mass of an object the last on is when an object exerts a force with equal magnitude and opposite in direction the impact on society were these laws and he made a book on these laws

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