"Seeing is not always believing"

Issac, Ted, George and Alex : age 11.

A visit to a virtual reality room: we were so excited.....and a little bit nervous at trying something new.

Deep in the basement in chapel street PZ we were fitted with a VR headset. Then we were able to experience a 3D world that felt very very real. As we moved about the room we were able to interact with the virtual world we thought that we were in.

Let's tell you of some of the things that we saw and did.

"I am deep underneath the sea and on a shipwreck . This is cool. I duck in case I hit my head on a submerged cannon. Now I'll try swimming with that big turtle. I can't catch the beautiful coloured fish...they are too smart. Now I touch the sea anemone and make them close.....wow, a big whale swim near me and swishes its tail....I try to get out of its way.

But I am not under the sea......I am in a room....but my brain tells me otherwise. I am confused. "

" now that my headset is on I think that am in a weird room....it's so spooky...now I am under the water and it is quiet dark..what's that's floating?...As I turn around and start to move about I can see that am in a rib cage of the skeleton of a giant whale....I'm scared "

"I am going to use this time in the VR room to try to conquer my fear of heights ....after all I am in a room and I am safe. I put on the headgear and I am sent to the bottom of a very tall building in a big city. I get into the lift and press the bottom to the top of the building. I will conquer my fear of heights but I feel scared. The lift comes to a stop and as the doors open I see a plank of wood stretching out from the top of the tall building. I put my foot on the wooden plank and then try the next one ..it is scary ....I feel shaky . I carefully lower my body into a sitting position and try to make my way across that plank.....I will not be beaten....to overcome this fear....then I make the mistake of looking down.....and then?......."

our eyes and brains have played tricks on us.....we are in a room with virtual reality technology .....we have been able to experience something that looks real but is not.

I wonder what you are like at having new experiences? It takes loads of courage sometimes.

I wonder how important images are for you....do you always believe what you see?

Let's give thanks for our senses.

You may want a go at watching the video if you what to understand VR ......or go yourself ....Virtual reality experience in Penzance

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