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Erica Kennard, Rosenid Badia, and Melissa Cunningham were featured in SLJ, One Year Later, School Librarians Share Lessons Learned and Hopes for the Future! Click to read the article. Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Models & Supports Collaboration
CONGRATULATIONS, to Nina Canales Hillcrest HS librarian for being TASL's MVP Award Honoree!! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Engenders Inclusiveness & Diversity
Clara Oliver Elem. Librarian, Elizabeth Reed-Smith, invited executive producer & news anchor Brooke Thomas to read to her students for Read Across America Day! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Supports, Supplements, & Elevates Learners' Literacies and Engenders Inclusiveness & Diversity
Leisa Booker Eddie Bernice Johnson Librarian was named Teacher of the Month! Dallas ISD Librarian Profile: Designs Instruction for a Range of Learners

Dynamic Librarians

Natalie Frodin ML King Arts Academy librarian encouraged the use of Animoto as a possible format for students biography research assignments. They also used the Dallas ISD online databases as resources. Mrs. Frodin's lessons include weekly MakerSpace activities. With grade-appropriate scaffolding and direction, her students are encouraged to tinker and, thus improve their persistence and stamina. AASL Standards: Collaborate.Create & Curate.Create

Laurie Fuentes of CityLab High School Library does a fantastic job of being a leader on campus. In one day, she singlehandedly responsible for a photo shoot for the state of the district marketing promotion. She located appropriate students, found a shooting location and orchestrated the shoot. AASL Standards: Collaborate.Create & Collaborate.Share

Lisa Robinson OW Holmes librarian finds her students resources. Some of the students come in during their electives period to game. Lisa is learning to game from them. She is also creating an activity for her gamers to explain the benefits of gaming. Students will use technology to create video clips so that newcomers will learn more about gaming. AASL Standard: Collaborate.Create

For Read Across America Day, Maria Acevedo Negron Lipscomb librarian used FlipGrid to record parent, students, and community volunteers reading. AASL Standard: Engage.Share

Spruce HS librarian Tracie Walker-Reed has intentionally created an atmosphere in which all members of the school community feel empowered. Ms. Walker-Reed collaborated with school administrators to provide a laptop for each member of the school's custodial staff. She then worked with the community liaison to provide training that taught custodial staff how to check their email and access other district resources. Ms. Walker-Reed plans to contact the student nutrition staff next to see how she may assist them as well! AASL Standards: Collaborate.Grow & Include.Grow

Pinkston HS librarian Deidra Ballard-Moore has used a variety of tech tools to promote various activities in the library. She used Canva to create a digital flyer to promote the library's book club and Smore to create a digital teacher newsletter to promote teacher SEL resources, grants, and offer a change for teachers to visit the new library cafe for a free coffee! AASL Standard: Include.Think

Sheila Ortega Bayles Elem librarian has continued to promote the library during this difficult year. She even still found time to collaborate with a teacher. AASL Standard: Engage.Create & Curate.Think

Yinka Sole Caillet librarian worked with students to create a dramatic presentation. They competed at the district level and were able to move on to the next level. The students had to pick a subject (Koala endangered animal) research, write a script, act out the script, videotape the production using Zoom, and present it for competition. AASL Standards: Inquire.Grow & Engage.Grow

Using web 2.0 tools, April Izard Truett Elem librarian had students complete a hands-on project based on their inquiry research on a Black History Month biography. AASL Standard: Collaborate.Curate

Toni Crawford South Oak Cliff librarian created a Black History month lesson based on black pioneers from the district's SEL Dept. Black History Month activities for secondary schools and made it part of the school wide advisory lessons/activities in February. AASL Standard: Inquire.Create

April is School Library Month, how are you celebrating?

National Library Week is April 4th - 10th

Texas Library Association Annual Conference is April 22nd - 24th

Earth Day is April 22nd

Día Children's Day/Book Day April 30th

April is Deaf Education Month

April is Genocide Awareness Month - webinars

Grants for Innovative Teaching application by the Junior League of Dallas has been extended to April 23rd

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Region 10 spring PD

Empowering Educators Digital Series on Race & Racism

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