Steam engine By:Mckinlee Haslauer


The Steam Engine was the most significant economic change in the early 1800's because they were now able to easily send goods around the country or even world easily by train or boat. It made it so that there was a new way of travel and more wealthy people would go west.

How did this effect people directly

It made it easier for people to travel and it was cheaper to travel by train or by boat. More wealthy people were able to travel because the journey was no longer so long. They also did not have to carrie traded goods with them in their wagons anymore

" Originally a means of hauling materials such as coal steam locomotives quickly became a popular means of passenger transportation."

How did it Effect the Country

It made it so we could trade things very easily and very quickly across the country on a train or across the world on a boat. It increased the economy because we could trade much more.

"...these new modes of transportation made shipping manufactured goods much easier and more efficient." (industrial revolution)

"Railroads could now haul manufactured products across the country, while steamships took them to distant countries..." (steam engines)

When did this Change Happen?

The first engine was invented in 1698 by British inventor Thomas Savery.

" The first steam powered machine was built in 1698 by the english military engineer Thomas Savery.

What else was happening at the time it occured

During this time they were trying to get westward expansion. The indian removal act was also happening so we could get westward expansion.

Picture of native American during this time.

Did it affect the north or the south more

The south could get supplies from the north and Britain easier, therefore it affected the south more then it did the north.

How did this effect westward expansion

This effected westward expansion by sending more middle class and wealthy people south, the tickets were cheaper and you no longer had to travel in a wagon and the trip was much faster, a lot more people were going south.


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