Illnesses of the mind by: mikayla pfingston

There have been more than 100 mental disorders found throughout history, but there are more than 250 mental disorders that have been classified into different types or groups.

  • 5th -15th Century: imperfect soul, angered God
  • Inquisition Era: abandonment from family, fined and imprisoned
  • Renaissance Era: English romanticized, Dutch preformed exorcisms on people

Back in history, if you had depression you were believed to be experiencing a supernatural experience and were possessed by demons and devils.

Eating Disorders are a form of mental illnesses, they are very dangerous because if they are not treated properly you could become hospitalized or die.

Anorexia is the main eating disorder, you just don't eat because the images of perfection in society are being skinny and sometimes people view themselves as fat even if they aren't.

Bulimia is when you do eat, you just make yourself purge, or throw up, after you eat so you don't gain weight.

Causes of depression...

  • images of perfection in society
  • family issues
  • bullying
  • sexuality
  • hormones
  • genetics
  • friendships
  • school

Did you know that there is another disorder called Anxiety? 85% of people said that they have dealt with anxiety before experiencing depression. This does not mean that if you have anxiety you will have depression or vice versa.

There are actually lots of types of panic and anxiety disorders but the 5 major types are

  • GAD
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • social phobia
  • panic disorder

Thankfully, there are treatments for a lot of mental illnesses, such as psychotherapy, this involves talking to a therapist. There are more than 400 types of psychotherapy.

Sometimes you need biological treatments that will directly alter the bodily process and you will most likely use medication. Tranquilizers and stabilizers can be used to reduce stress and anxiety.

Sometimes, people with mental disorders and illnesses think that there is no way to get better, they feel that there is no hope and the only way to be free from it is out, meaning that some kill themselves or attempt suicide.

What to do if someone is talking about suicide:

  • Stay calm
  • Do NOT leave them
  • Make sure that there are no sharp or dangerous objects nearby
  • Take them seriously and listen to them
  • Don't assume that this is a joke and tell them to do it to be funny
  • Never keep it a secret; would you rather have a dead friend while still keeping a secret or have a friend that is really mad at you but still alive; tell someone immediately!


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