Unexpected Creativity Daniel Morrison

I ran my own boutique production company for over a decade.
Won some awards and loved all things VFX.

I developed my first video game for a family fun center video wall platform.

Naturally it was a science fiction shooter.
And then worked on an awesome western game.
How awesome you ask? Pretty darn awesome.
Finally wrote that fantasy novel with my wife.
And was the voice artist for another fantasy novel.
I built a tactical firearms simulator to run in VR.
I discovered photoscanning and began scanning everything I could.
No literally, I scanned everything I possibly could!
Turns out there are limits to what can be scanned.

So I joined a tech startup to break through the limits of scanning!

I built incredible prototypes for research...
...setup a mobile lab...

...designed and launched a 12 person office.

Finally got into coding and machine learning...
...and began designing 3D/VR/AR business systems solutions.
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Daniel Morrison


Daniel Morrison

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