SALSA brings world of art to life Camp gives students a week of intensive study

Nancy Kennedy / Citrus Chronicle

From pottery to painting, from constructing a set of maracas to cooking rice and beans, from learning about color to getting their hands dirty with clay, students at this week’s SALSA art camp at Citrus Springs Middle School are experiencing the world of art.

SALSA, which stands for Summer Arts at the Lecanto School of Art, was started 17 years ago by art teachers Lee Partin and Dave Brown as a way to give students of all ages a weeklong intensive art experience that they wouldn’t otherwise have during regular school time.

The purpose is to help students develop their own individual creativity, to help them think creatively and learn to be innovative.

It’s also a fundraiser to benefit the Lecanto School of Art and Citrus Springs Middle School.

School district art teachers teach the classes throughout the day, and students from the Lecanto School of Art and pre-International Baccalaureate (IB) students are classroom helpers.

On Monday, the Chronicle asked SALSA students: What is art?

“Art is people that are creative. I’m creative because I have lots of art. Sometimes my mom and dad look up art from famous artists for me and I try to copy it, and sometimes it comes out really cool. I love art — it’s my favorite subject.”

— Daelyn Robbins, age 8

“Art can be a feeling you have. It’s creative, and it can make you feel happy.”

— Noa Adera, age 9

“Art is something that people put in art museums so people can enjoy it. Art is beautiful, and people have a lot of creativity to make it.”

— Kaylinn Applegate, age 7

“With art, I like that it doesn’t matter if you mess up, because it’s whatever you want it to be.”

— Will Palm, age 9

“Art is anything you make using your own creative input and that you think is beautiful.”

— Xander Jenkin, age 14

“Art is a thing you do. I’m an artist because I have art classes every Tuesday, and I like painting.”

— Kathryn Budd, age 6

“Art is a way that people can express themselves. There are so many kinds of art that it’s hard to label and there are controversies over what art is because what one person thinks is art another will say no, it’s not. But art is whatever you think it is.”

— Madison Blankenship, age 15

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