An Introduction to Flow Time for new experiences...

It's fantastic to have you here...

Together, we are going to explore an entire new world of possibilities...

And we will work in the direction of your dreams...

Some things are worth fighting for, aren't they?

I know, I know... your objective is to speak English, right? But... English is just a means for much bigger experiences you will have. So, let's work together, and here, we will discuss some important steps for the beginning of this new journey.

Is this your first time studying English?

Do you believe in Flow?

Do you believe in yourself?

One of the first ideas I want to share with you is...

The Golden Circle...

YOUR English has two sides...

The things you know... Your CONFIDENCE.

And the things you feel comfortable with... Your COMFORT.

Normally, we focus a lot of energy in learning English, but we forget to INTERACT with the language. And, at Flow, we propose a different way to "learn" the language:

Your way!

So now, answer these questions, and let's discover what are the best activities for your English routine, what is your focus in this course, and where you are going to start:


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